Every enterprise in this current day and age requires remaining connected with its clients as well as its employees. And this endeavor for any corporate client is not an easy task because corporate all across the world comprises of hundreds and thousands of employees working for the companies various business fractions. Therefore, to remain connected with them all the time for intimations, notifications and reminders of various sorts any corporate entity have a prurient communication source.


This real time communication channel was somewhat difficult to achieve in the past, but not anymore. Now, after the inception of the telecommunication revolution since the last two decades and with further technological advancement, remaining in contact with any of your client or employees has become so easy with telecom base services such as SMS marketing services.

If we particularly take about the telecom and business ecosystem in Pakistan, now countless clients who owns various types of companies, which provides services or manufacture products have started making use SMS marketing. And even big corporate giant companies who have their footprint worldwide are also making use of bulk SMS services by offering by all most all Telco’s locally. Take the example of Zong corporate SMS, the company offers bulk corporate SMS plans for its customers – to make use of them straight from their computer via their designated portal. This service not only aloe companies to make groups for sending SMS at any time, but also allow them lots of customization features as well. These customization features include Multilanguage SMS sending, SMS scheduling and the most amazing thing that a customer is allowed to do all this utilizing a web base API.

On the other hand, if any of the company or individual clients in Pakistan ill affords to purchase corporate SMS plans directly from the telecom operator – they can make use of private marketing SMS providers. There are plenty of companies are now operating all across the country, which are offering their services for marketing SMS plans – branded and non branded both. But, out of all these several SMS marketing providers everyone should first evaluate their plans tariff, SMS validity time and API working. People who are thinking to exploit SMS marketing for promoting their business, we suggest them to use best service providers such as Bizsms.pk. However, users can evaluate other marketing SMS plans providers of their choice and decide upon purchasing their services themselves



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