Pakistan has been craving for cricket since ages. Before the T20 cup in the last cricket session, people were desperate to see the crowds cheering in the Pakistani cricket grounds.

Today is the day when the biggest wish of millions of Pakistani cricket fans has been answered.

Today is the big day when our Pakistani cricket players are going to face some amazing cricketers from all over the world.

Pakistan and World XI first match

Today is the day when Pakistan competes the World XI. All the preparations have been made with loads of enthusiasm and excitement.

Pakistan has got the opportunity to host international cricket with amazing standards and anticipation.

The World XI Squad is not easy to go with; it comprises of international champions from the cricket world.

There are players like Darren Sammy who have already visited Pakistan previously for the PSL. They are here again to add to their glorious experience.

Today’s match is going to be held in Qadaffi Stadium Lahore. All the security measures have been taken.

Police and rangers have been allocated their positions to keep a close eye on every entrance towards the venue.

All the players will be taken to the ground in tight security to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Special road routes have been published and uploaded on different platforms, so those who are out on roads can reach home without getting stuck in traffic.

Furthermore, our audience is very much excited to see their favorite players make some great shots.

Every single person will be waiting for big hits, so the ball falls into the strands and they get to touch the game ball once.

No one can explain the thrill of holding a tournament’s ball; it can only be felt. It is just like getting hold of a fire ball and feeling the heat directly on your skin.

People are waiting for the flawless innings by Hashim Amla and grab some delightful glimpse of Grant Elliot.

Pakistani team has been preparing for this event for quite some time and we are expecting them to give some tough time to the World XI.

We wish Shoaib Malik would give good innings and Fakhar Zaman will add more quality to his record. Let’s see how Muhammad Hafeez uses his experience and Sarfaraz uses his captaincy skills.

Those who could not get the tickets to the match today do not lose your hopes. You can still get tickets for the upcoming matches from the designated branches of Bank of Punjab.

We hope and wish with our hearts that this event goes by successfully without the occurrence of any unpleasant event so more international cricketers can regain their trust over Pakistan and its security.

This way, we would be able to see more tournaments and more events in our stadiums. Let’s all pray for the safety of those who are playing and also for those who are there on the ground to witness the utmost ecstasy.

May all reach their destinations safely with the joy of a great win. This is going to be a historic event!!



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