Latest version of SHAREit is available to download for free for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP 64/32Bit and also its app for Android devices. It’s an official app by Lenovo and it allows you to transfer any kind of media files between devices and you don’t need a USB or any other hardware to connect devices. Even you can share Large files in a blink of an eye.

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Lenovo ShareEit is an application that will allow us to share pictures, videos, and apps, etc. without having activated with Bluetooth, cables, and mobile network. ShareEit is supposed to be free of wires, although it is certainly not must be connected to a network while it is important to have enabled a wireless connection to use ShareEit.

ShareEit transfers your files between devices like Windows, Android, and iDevices. The files are directly saved on your devices, not in the cloud. This application provides a quick way to send and receive files that’s why it is very simple to share all your photos and videos from your phone or tablet to your PC or vice versa.

Some of the key features of ShareEit 3,4,01023 are

. It can quickly detect wireless devices. It helps to share any file like music file, even video applications

. It doesn’t need any mobile network, cables, and Bluetooth

. From the aid of the wireless devices, you can share the app itself

. It is also famous for its group sharing

ShareEit can easily find wireless devices. Due to its high speed, you can transfer your large files in seconds up to 40x faster than Bluetooth. ShareEit makes it easy for you to share your files more securely with the devices.

It is in trusting and comfortable to share your file through ShareEit. It is also perfect for every day’s occasion in which we need a mean of transfer files without cables. It also does not have an additional cost. Tests made from a Lenovo on Android phone KitKat, computers, Ipad Z500, Z580 (both with windows 8.1), the process of sending and receiving was satisfactory and can be a maximum sent five connections between different devices.


Supported OS: Windows, Android, iOS

Developer: Lenovo

Developer’s Website.

Download (For PC)

Download (For Android)



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