Final Deadline of SIM Re-Verification Ended, 26 Million SIMs Blocked

Finally the three months long mobile SIM’s biometric re-verification started on the 12th January, 2015 has now been concluded, bearing second deadline completion. This obligatory endeavor of registering 103 million mobile SIM’s being operated in Pakistan was triggered as part of the national action plan after brutal Army Public School Peshawar massacre. The first deadline ended on 26th February, because the Telco’s was unable to re-verify all prescribed SIM inside the deadline PTA extended the deadline till 12th April, 2015 – which has now also been ended.


Stats after the Final Deadline completion:

According to the stats reported by mobile operators and PTA suggesting that 71.1 Million in favor of 60 million CNICs are being successfully re-verified. And 16.7 Million SIM’s were blocked as the owners of these SIM’s disowned them. Lastly remaining 9.2 Million remained unverified, which are going to be blocked because the subscribers who have possession of these SIM’s haven’t come for the verification – nor disowned them.

So, in totality 26 Million persist vulnerable after this biometric verification drive conducted in the country asking mobile subscriber to verify their SIM’s via their thumb impressions synced with NADRA database. Now, these 16.7 Million disowned plus 9.2 Million unverified SIM’s are going to be blocked from today.

Future Implications of Blocked SIM’s:

PTA has recently announced that mobile SIM which will remain unverified after the final deadline will be blocked instantly after 12th April. But PTA Chairman has also stated that these SIM can be re-activated by the owner of the SIM’s by re-verifying them till one year of their blocking time period. Not to forget that Dr. Syed Ismail Shah till also announced that for one year telecom operator will not issue these unverified SIM’s to anyone providing chance to the prescribed owner of the SIM to unblock SIM after biometric verification.

Telco’s Subscriber Stats after Re-Verification:

According to latest stats, Telenor lost the most number of 8.53 million subscribers after this biometric verification drive in the country. On the other hand, Mobilink, which is the largest operator of the country gone astray 7.55 million SIMs from its network. While, CM Pak Zong lost subscribers, Ufone sacrificed 3.86 million and lastly Warid blocked its 1.65 million SIMs – upon remained none verified.

Cost of SIM Re-Verification Drive:

As per telecom operators they installed about 80,000 biometric devices all over the country at customer care centers and thousands of retail outlets. These devices cost Telco’s hefty millions of dollars as single device costs 350$ to 400$. As per operators claim they have invested 60 million USD for this SIM re-verification process in the country – excluding business loss sustained additionally.


As now finally the much chanted obligatory SIM biometric verification drive has been completed, it will certainly benefit the country national security in various aspects. Furthermore, it will also be beneficial for Telco’s too in terms of gaining accurate ARPUs (Average Revenue per User) by accommodating the genuine subscribers filtering unproductive ones. Thus all well as it ends well; it is a win win situation for all stake holders in the long-run since this required SIM verification process has been made once for all.

Namotel Acche Din Mobile Booking in Rs. 99 – Online Registration Method


Step 1: Go to Namotel website here.


Step 2: In the top bar you need to click on “Acche Din”.

Step 3: Now click on register button and it will take you to the registration form.

Acche Din Online Registration Form for Rupees 99 Mobile

Step 4: Now verify your identity that you’re an Indian resident by scanning your ID card or Aadhar card. Size of the image can’t be more than 2MB, so compress it if it’s huge in size.

Step 5: You can also register with BemyBanker ID, you can see the option to register for it on the Online registration form.

Step 6: After that fill out every single detail shown on the form, like your name address, photo, passcode, gender and other important details. Not filling every single field wouldn’t allow you to move forward.



  • 1GB RAM
  • Quad Core processor
  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • 3G and 2G Connectivity
  • 4 Inch HD Display Screen
  • DUAL Sim Phone
  • 2MP Back camera and 0.3MP Front Cam
  • 1325 mAh battery
  • Available in White and Black Colors.

Mobilink 3G is Now Available in 53 Cities of Pakistan

Mobilink that is Pakistan’s largest and oldest telecom operator in regard of hefty subscribers base as well as mammoth telecom infrastructure. Mobilink also acted in an appropriate manner by clinching the solid 10 MHZ 3G spectrums from the last years held 3G/4G spectrum auctioned made by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to aptly accommodate its massive customer base in future.



Ever since launching its 3G internet services from the mid of 2014, Mobilink is vastly expanding its 3G sites firstly in big cities of the country and now felt the need of bringing it to small towns as well. According to freshly released press release, Mobilink 3G footprints are now expanded to 53 cities of Pakistan.

The newly added cities in Mobilink’s 3G radar includes small cities like Chunian, Farooqabad, Ganda Singh Wala, Gujjar Khan, Hafizabad, Harripur, Kasur, Nankana Sahib, Raiwind Talagang.

Mobilink Head of Data Aamer Manzoor through this press release stated, “Mobilink’s expansion of 3G services continues to make a major contribution to a robust ecosystem of high-speed internet which not only provides reach across major cities but also empowers customers with a well-planned coverage. Our aim is to empower customers with a quality experience of internet in the palm of their hands and bridge the digital divide between cities and towns”.

Furthermore, since the 3G service in above cited has just been launched Mobilink is also offering free 3G trials for its customers living in these cities till 25th of May, 2015. Inhabitants of these newly added cities in Mobilinks 3G network can check that whether or not they are in the coverage area of Mobilink 3G by simply dialing *443*1#, if yes to enjoy this free 3G internet user will have to dial *443*3# for the activation of this 3G services brought to them by Mobilink.

Also upon expiry of the free 3G trial, customers will be intimated via a SMS. And keep in mind that free data service is only valid for 3G internet, but 2G data service will be charged as usual internet tariff in these newly and recently 3G covered cities alongside few days back added involving Bhalwal, Chakwal, Daska, Dipalpur, Mandi, Bahauddin, Pattoki, and Wazirabad.


By launching high speed 3G data services in small cities and towns of the country Mobilink is trying to enable its customers living in these cities to experience better internet speed on-the-go. Thus it’s obvious that Mobilink like all other Telco’s operating in the country will further broaden their 3G networks to persuade more and more customer from 2G to 3G data services in prospect.

Send Corporate SMS by Making Use of SMS Marketing Plans in Pakistan

Every enterprise in this current day and age requires remaining connected with its clients as well as its employees. And this endeavor for any corporate client is not an easy task because corporate all across the world comprises of hundreds and thousands of employees working for the companies various business fractions. Therefore, to remain connected with them all the time for intimations, notifications and reminders of various sorts any corporate entity have a prurient communication source.


This real time communication channel was somewhat difficult to achieve in the past, but not anymore. Now, after the inception of the telecommunication revolution since the last two decades and with further technological advancement, remaining in contact with any of your client or employees has become so easy with telecom base services such as SMS marketing services.

If we particularly take about the telecom and business ecosystem in Pakistan, now countless clients who owns various types of companies, which provides services or manufacture products have started making use SMS marketing. And even big corporate giant companies who have their footprint worldwide are also making use of bulk SMS services by offering by all most all Telco’s locally. Take the example of Zong corporate SMS, the company offers bulk corporate SMS plans for its customers – to make use of them straight from their computer via their designated portal. This service not only aloe companies to make groups for sending SMS at any time, but also allow them lots of customization features as well. These customization features include Multilanguage SMS sending, SMS scheduling and the most amazing thing that a customer is allowed to do all this utilizing a web base API.

On the other hand, if any of the company or individual clients in Pakistan ill affords to purchase corporate SMS plans directly from the telecom operator – they can make use of private marketing SMS providers. There are plenty of companies are now operating all across the country, which are offering their services for marketing SMS plans – branded and non branded both. But, out of all these several SMS marketing providers everyone should first evaluate their plans tariff, SMS validity time and API working. People who are thinking to exploit SMS marketing for promoting their business, we suggest them to use best service providers such as However, users can evaluate other marketing SMS plans providers of their choice and decide upon purchasing their services themselves

Top 3 Ways of Making Money Online in Pakistan

Pakistan is a progressing country, and there is no limit of talented people living here. Unfortunately, the rate of unemployment is increasing day by day has led to a higher level of poverty. The youth including both men and women are much worried about earning a living. I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of people struggling to survive, but all in vain. Might you have heard of the term “make money online”? Well, if yes then there is much hype about it, but not all are exactly sure how to utilize their skills and earn a living from it. Moreover, there are a lot of scams, in this field. However, my guide on top 3 ways of making money online in Pakistan will not only save you from scams, but also you can kick your shitty 9-7 office Job and make a full-time income online. If you are a jobless person or a housewife who has enough time to invest in something useful, then must read until end of this discussion.




Content writing is one of the easiest ways of earning money online. Even if you don’t have the skills of content writing, you can spend a week and do some research on writing an SEO optimized and engaging content. However, the basic requirement is that your Grammar must be good.

Where Can I earn with content writing?

There are some quality Sites like:


You can make a profile and list your skills. Once it is live buyers will contact you. A content writer can easily earn $500-$5000+ per month. You can receive payments via PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. But, most of these sites prefer PayPal that isn’t available in Pakistan. Still, you can verify PayPal with the help of Payoneer quite easily.


The average graphic designers are making an easy $250-$3000 and more a month. You can use your creative mind and design logos, headers and much more for people around the world and get paid. Graphic designing demand is increasing day by day. So, you can learn the skills of Photoshop and become a graphic designer in no time.,, and many other sites have thousands of buyers who need their graphic designing work done. You can easily find some clients there!


A blog can be about any topic. It can be a blog on general discussion, health, money, insurance, etc. or any niche. It depends on your interest as to which type of blog you’ll establish. Suppose, if you love to explore the benefits of food, then you can publish a health and food blog and write the article on health benefits of different foods.

How do I make money with blogging?

Once your blog is getting enough traffic from search engines, you can optimize it with Google Adsense ads. Whenever a visitor clicks on this ad, you get a particular amount paid in your AdSense account. There are other networks like Chitika, Infolinks, Taboola, that pay you for visitors.

I hope you did love our guide on ways of making money online in Pakistan. It surely will take some time to learn the skills required, but would be worth the time invested.

My IPhone 6 Review

The iPhone brand is a powerful, gorgeously designed smartphone. It has a great display and is a top player in the mobile phone industry. The new iPhone 6 is even better. TheiPhone 6 reviews have been overwhelming. On its release, devoted fans queued around the clock and over Christmas just to get the phone.




Although the iPhone 6 has a slightly wider screen, the phone continues to retain its comfortable handling quality. With a fast performance, fantastic display, an elegant new design every iPhone 6 review have excellent things to say about the quality of the phone. The software update was one of the many requests that iPhone buffs have been raging about and now that this has been made available by Apple, it is now one of the best phones you can buy.


Despite these notable positives, every iPhone 6 review has its pros and cons. The phone has some flaws and below are some of them:



Screen Size

If you’re a long time iPhone fan, then you will love the 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 6 that is unarguably its best quality. You can operate it with one hand, and it would still be easy to use. Some people are concerned about the comparatively low resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels compared to the screen displays on rival smartphones, but it still surpasses Apple’s ‘Retina Display’ rule that requires 326 pixels per inch. Besides its superb brightness, vibrant colors, and display angles compensates for any shortcomings on this smartphone. Apple iPhone Pakistan


Build Quality

Obviously, Apple has abandoned the angular shape of the iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S. Gone is the delicate glass backing of the 4/4S and muddled patch design of the 5/5S, the iPhone 6 comes with an aluminum body chassis that is visually more appealing. Also, while bendgate plagued the iPhone 6+, the iPhone 6 is remarkably rigid with chamfered edges. The machine power and volume buttons are still of a top quality.



IPhone 6 reviews state that the iPhone 6’s camera is much greater in megapixel. In fact, the 8-megapixel lens on the smartphone is in an entirely separate league to the 8-megapixel lens on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S, which also has the same size sensor.




Even though the phone looks good and is great to handle, some people would agree that it is also unrealistic. Even though the aluminum unibody chassis introduced a more textured body, gripping the iPhone 6 is like attempting to hold a bar of soap. The phone is very slippery to hold on to, and this causes it to drop ever so often. Most iPhone 6 owners do not want to cover up its beautiful lines by fattening the skinny dimensions with a phone casing.


The iPhone 6 is great at its consistency. Only the Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note are a competition, and sometimes the extra feature in their larger 13MP sensors can be observed, but the iPhone 6 takes consistently sharp pictures no matter the situation.