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ThePost is a famous and trusted platform to get latest news updates, expert reviews and much more.

Our aim is to provide factual information while many internet websites are only adding paid content and nothing valuable.

Currently we’re covering news from all over Pakistan on various topics including business, politics, entertainment, technology, real estate and more.

Our Team

Muhammad Arslan Sadiq [Editor & Team Lead]

He is Entrepreneur, Social Media Activist and Blogger. He is social media head of State Youth Parliament of Pakistan & Social Media Advisor of Positive Pakistan and Youth Association of Pakistan. He is also working and leading many other social media teams.

Founder & CEO Of Global Hosting Service | Entrepreneur | Blogger | Social Media Activist | Kashmir Lobbyist | Love Islam &Pakistan

You can contact him on Twitter and Facebook.

Muhammad Hammad Rafique [Reporter USA, Florida]

Hammad Rafique

I’m senior journalist at ThePost newspaper and I’ve massive experience in journalism, I’ve done my graduation in mass communication and I’ve a deep connection with news reporting.

Founder & CEO Of Digisnap | Entrepreneur | Reporter | Social Media Activist

You can contact him on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram.

Muhammad Hubaib

Covering Defence and Politics. Writing On Pakistan, WOT, France, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

You can contact him on Twitter.

Email: Hubaibalpha13@gmail.com

Shakila Nasreen

Exploring the technology and fetching unique info for all of you is not my hobby but passion. This passion drove me to the vast cosmology of Technology where exploring a thing becomes more pleasurable when you learn from it too. I’ll share Technology and Telecom related information on ThePost.

Email: shakila@thepost.com.pk

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