Daily Fluctuations Define Gold Prices in Pakistan

Gold prices in Pakistan are constantly on the move, responding to shifts in global market trends. On Monday, the price of 24-karat gold in Pakistan rose to Rs202,000 per tola. For those interested in 22-karat gold, it was available at Rs186,083 per tola.

During the caretaker government’s tenure, much like the dollar, gold has become more affordable. The cost of 24-carat gold per tola has significantly decreased to Rs202,000 during this period, down from its earlier price of Rs222,000. Consequently, according to local gold dealers, 10 grams of gold are now available at Rs173,182, representing a substantial reduction in its cost. This shift in gold prices is primarily attributed to a significant drop in the value of the dollar.

In contrast, while gold prices in the international market surged to $24 per ounce, reaching $1,938, the local market in Pakistan followed a different trend.

Even for those seeking smaller quantities, the rates remain attractive. Presently, 10 grams of 24-karat gold are priced at Rs174,040, and 10 grams of 22-karat gold can be obtained for Rs159,536.

It’s important to note that gold rates in Pakistan can change multiple times throughout the day in response to global market dynamics. These rates are sourced from reputable outlets, primarily situated in Karachi and Multan.

For the most accurate and up-to-date gold rates specific to your city’s market, we recommend consulting your local gold dealers and jewelers. Stay informed about the latest gold price developments in Pakistan.

Shakila Nasreen

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