PIA Flight Operations Halted Amidst Fuel Supply Dispute with PSO

After the suspension of fuel supply by the Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has seen its flight operations come to a complete halt.

A PIA spokesperson, as reported by ARY News, stated that the fuel supply suspension had led to the complete suspension of flight operations, resulting in the cancellation of 77 flights.

Among the flights scheduled for Sunday, 52 were international, and 29 were domestic. However, only four flights managed to depart for their respective destinations.

The PIA administration remained in contact with the Pakistan State Oil (PSO), explaining that the bank closure on Sunday had hindered payments.

The spokesperson disclosed that the national carrier had paid over Rs220 million to the PSO for the weekend. They also mentioned that the evening flights would resume once today’s credit line becomes available, with alternative connections offered to affected passengers.

In response, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) issued a statement refuting claims of a fuel supply suspension to the national carrier. They stated that they had provided fuel to nearly 64 flights since Friday night.

The corporation clarified that on Friday evening, PIA had made a payment of Rs220 million for fuel to cover Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, the airline had provided a list of 39 flights for fuel supply.

The PSO explained that fuel was being supplied according to the priority flights list provided by PIA. However, the payout limit for Saturday and Sunday from the national carrier was still pending. The carrier had not provided flight schedules for the remaining amount.

The corporation pointed out that fuel worth Rs60 million was still available, and the national carrier could still acquire it.


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