Five Killed in Fatal Shooting at Shahpur Dera, Lahore

In a tragic incident on Friday, five individuals lost their lives in a shooting at Shahpur Dera in the Chung area. According to the police, the victims had gathered at Haji Shahzad Awan’s ‘dera’ when unidentified assailants opened fire, resulting in this devastating loss of life. A five-year-old boy named Abubakar was also wounded during the incident. The assailants managed to escape the scene.

The police swiftly arrived at the location after the incident, where they transferred the deceased bodies to the hospital for a post-mortem examination. At the crime scene, both the police and forensic teams diligently collected crucial evidence. Although an old enmity is suspected as a possible cause, a comprehensive investigation is now underway to determine the true motive behind this tragedy.

The victims have been identified as Malik Mustafa (55), Hafiz Murtaza (50), Malik Khadim (65), Fahad (18), and Ali Husnain.


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