Religious Conflict in Kurram Claims Seven More Lives

In Kurram, an armed conflict between two religious groups has claimed the lives of seven more individuals, pushing the total death toll to 15. This outbreak of violence was triggered by a controversial video circulating on social media, which continues to disrupt the region. Efforts to suppress the conflict are currently underway.

Officials report that five people lost their lives in clashes in the Boshara area, with two more casualties in Khar Kalay and Baleech Khel areas on Friday. Over the course of the four-day armed conflict, a total of 23 people have been injured, including ten on Friday.

The district is in a state of lockdown with cellular networks suspended, and all routes in and out of Kurram are sealed. This situation has left local residents stranded, and individuals from other parts of the country are unable to depart the area.

Kurram’s Deputy Commissioner, Syed Saiful Islam Shah, has confirmed the presence of the Kohat commissioner, and efforts to address the crisis are in motion. All district hospitals have declared a state of emergency, and eight wounded individuals are still under medical care.

Former federal minister Sajid Turi has called upon authorities to take immediate action against the perpetrators of the clashes and secure safe passages for movement.

Negotiations for a ceasefire were interrupted when a convoy, escorted by the police, came under attack in the Charkhel area of Lower Kurram, resulting in four fatalities and six injuries. Mr. Turi remains hopeful that a ceasefire can be reinstated on Saturday.

The convoy was en route from the Thal area of Hangu district to Parachinar, Kurram’s district headquarters, when the attack took place.

Despite their differences, local leaders and officials are united in their call for peace. ANP leader Samar Haroon Bilour emphasizes the shared humanity of all involved and the importance of peace as a path to progress. She appeals to the provincial government and district administration to restore peace in the area.


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