PIA Flight Attendants Disappear in Canada; Airline Initiates Inquiry

Two Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendants, Khalid Afridi and Fida Shah, are reported missing in Canada after their flight from Islamabad to Toronto. The PIA spokesperson revealed that the two flight attendants took aircraft PK-772 from Islamabad to Canada. However, upon the aircraft’s scheduled return to the country, they did not turn up in Toronto, leading the national flag carrier’s flight to proceed without them.

In response to the incident, the spokesperson emphasized severe consequences for all parties involved once the inquiry concludes. The Canadian local government has been duly informed about the situation. This incident adds to a concerning trend, with several flight hostesses from the national carrier, including female cabin crew, having previously gone missing overseas.

In a similar incident earlier in July, a PIA steward vanished from a hotel in Toronto after arriving from Lahore. Another case is highlighted involving flight attendant Muntazir Mehdi, who failed to report for duty on a trip back to Pakistan. This raised concerns about the unexplained disappearance of the PTI steward. Notably, four flight attendants and air hostesses from the national carrier had entered Canada before Mehdi, allegedly seeking citizenship.


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