How much cost can be incurred on Umrah?

The umrah is a worthy part of Islam that consolidating both money related acts and physical love.It enables you to follow the track of millions of great predecessors; righteous, The Prophets of Allah and Islamic Researchers. Make your desired supplication while placing your face, palms, forearms, and chest against Al-Multazam.

In this description, we are enlightening the topic that how much cost can be incurred in Umrah. We have grown in this profession from years of commitment and knowledge. As far as the umrah packages are considered, It can be described as the standard and customized sequences of facilities.

These packages consist of Visa process, Hotel Accommodation, Special transportation to visit the holy place. The meal is the optional part of the packages it depends on the type of your package. The packages are identified as Economy Yellow, Economy Package, Standard Package, Budget Package, Budget Plus Package and Economy Plus.

The above names are mentioned in sequence according to its price from low to high. Packages vary from 17500 PKR up to 104100 PKR.

Initially, the Umrah expense starts from it Visa process. The new Saudi law recommends that anybody going for umrah second time will pay 2000 Saudi Riyal as visa charge with the endorsement expense of 400 Saudi Riyal.

Umrah Cost

Be that as it may, the visa charge is not subjected to pay by Muslim voyaging first time for Umrah. The umrah packages cost differs and also depending on the duration of stay. The number of Days in each umrah package comprises of 15 Days, 21 Days and 28 Days of Stay.

Few rates of the economy and luxury packages are defined in the following guidelines:
Economy yellow: The 15 Day with sharing bed space cost is 17500 and the double bed is 24400 PKR. The economy yellow (Double Bed) 21 Day cost is 29300 PKR. It offers you a stay of 8 Makkah nights and 12 medina nights.

Economy Package:

Makkah Hotel Accommodation in this plan is located at Jumaiza Area. Whereas the Medina
accommodation is in Awali Area. The lowest cost of 15 days Stay ( Sharing Bed) is 18200 PKR that goes up to 38400 with 28 Days stay (Double Bed plan ).

Standard Package:

In this category, the cost begins with 19400 PKR with15 Days duration of stay and sharing Bedroom. Standard plan highest price with Double Bed hotel accommodation and 28 Days of stay is 44300 PKR. It is serving the travelers with Feroze Fazeela Hotel at Ibrahim Khalil Road in Makkah. With Dar e Saman jaded hotel in Awali Area in Medina.

Budget Package:

The 15 Days stay and sharing bed accommodation can be purchased at 26000 PKR. Maximum the 75700 PKR Cost offer 28 days of stay with double bed Hotel Room. It is planned out with the Asalah Al Sharooq hotel accommodation at Ibrahim Khalil road at Makkah and Badar Anbria hotel in Median. The Distance between accommodation and Masjid al-haram is 750 meter. In Madina, the Accommodation is 300 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi.

Budget Plus Package:

Similar to other packages this is also arranged with 15 Days, 21 Days and 28 Days of traveling plan. The sharing bedroom with 15 days of stay is available at 27400 PKR. The 28 Days umrah plan with double bedroom has the highest price of 82600 PKR in this category.

Economy Plus:

It is most luxurious umrah traveling plan. The lowest cost of sharing the bedroom with 15 days of total stay is 31750 PKR. The most expensive and Luxury 28 days package ( Double bedroom) price is 104100 PKR. The hotel in Makkah is only 600 meters away from Haram and 200 meters away from Masjid Nabawi in Madina City.

To understand the complete detail of Umrah packages please observe the price table on our website. The Airfare is not included in the above-mentioned prices.

The distance from the inn to haram, for instance, the Economy Package, is the package in which hotel located about 1200 meters, that’s 1.2 kilometers. The Economy plus package, u will have Inn way to harm about 600 meters, about half kilometers.It thoroughly relies on which package you like to take.

Tea and nourishment are not in the package. It relies upon the eating routine of the individual, tea packs, electronic pot and drain ought to be conveyed as tea is costly there 2-3 Riyal for every cup around Rs 60-80.

Typical 6-15 Riyal for every supper relies upon the person. Jeddah to Haram Taxi may charge Saudi Riyal 150. Medina Airport to Masjid Nabawi Saudi Riyal 100.

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  5. Pls tell me total price umrah . Pakistani rupees . second I have two kids age 5yera & 3year who much price. Total amount pakistani rupees?

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