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Jazz provides internet services to postpaid and prepaid customers. This No. 1 telecom company offers internet services to corporate and individual clients across Pakistan.

Currently, it has more than 8500 cell locations all over Pakistan. Recently, it has installed the IBM and Dell EMC in its new Network Operations Center. So, the company provides the 24/7 network surveillance to its valued customers.

The Internet has become an essential part of our life. You use the internet for social networks, emails, chatting with your relatives, downloading songs, videos, and games and for many other activities. Jazz understands your internet needs and brings a variety of internet packages for you.

These packages can be categorized into different sections like Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Fortnightly internet bundles. Jazz brings 3G and 4G internet packages for prepaid users at various time duration and prices.

Here, I am going to discuss all of the jazz internet packages for the people from a Jazz family. I will explain daily, weekly and monthly packages. You can select your desired one among them. So, let’s move to the list.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Currently, everyone can be seen as active on various social platforms. It is to share current activities, to share photos of precious moments and to know about others. To keep your activities continue, Jazz brings some daily bundles.

These offers are for users who love to be in touch with their friends on social networking sites. Almost all of the daily internet packages by Jazz include the data volume for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Here are the offers.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Daily Social Recursive Rs 5.98 200MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only None 24 Hours (Valid till midnight the same day) Dial *455# for Activation, Dial *455*2# for status Dial *455*4# for de-activation,
Daily SMS WhatsApp Package Rs 5.98 10MB for WhatsApp 1800 SMS to all networks 24 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day) Dial *334#, for activation, Dial *334*2# for Status Dial *334*4#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) Rs 24 100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM) None 24 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day) Dial *117*4# for activation, Dial *117*4*2# for status Automatically expires on the same day midnight
Daily Browser Rs 11.95 50MB None 24 hours (Valid till Midnight the same day) Dial *117*11# for activation, Dial *117*11*2# for status Automatically expires on the same day midnight
*Sindh Offer Rs 12 250MB 1500 SMS, Unlimited on-net minutes Valid till midnight the same day Dial *522# for activation, Dial *522*2# for status Automatically expires on the same day midnight
**Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC Rs 12 250MB 250 SMS + unlimited calls to Warid & Jazz Valid till midnight the same day Dial *400# for activation, Dial *400*2# for status Automatically expires on the same day midnight

*Sindh Offer is valid for the residents of Hyderabad, Dadu, Jamshoro, Kotri, Mirpur Khas, Tando Adam, Tando Alayaar and other areas of interior Sindh.

**Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC is available for the residents of Karachi only.

Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

Jazz brings some very nominal internet bundles for the members of the Jazz family. These bundles automatically expire after three days. If you want to use the internet for a few days for some important task, 3-days internet bundles are a Manna in the wilderness for you.

These internet packages vary in price and time duration. So, you can select the internet bundle that suits your data needs. These are for the users who need data volume for browsing their favorite stuff.

Jazz brings two attractive packages in this context. Check them out below.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
3 Day Extreme Rs 17.9 500MB 3 Days (valid for 2 AM to 2Pm) Dial *114*14# Dial *114*14*4#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

If you do not want to go through the data activation process daily, there are so many weekly internet packages. Just get the weekly internet bundle and enjoy a tension-free 3G/4G browsing for the entire week.

Jazz brings a variety of weekly internet packages for users who love to use the data volume all the time.

If you are one of the heavy data users, Jazz weekly internet packages are for you. You can download your favorite songs and other stuff because you have a lot of MBs for the entire week at a very affordable price.

Furthermore, there is no restriction of time with them. You can do browsing, uploading and downloading 24 hours.

The package is for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE enabled handsets. See the list below to check the prices and the date volume given in offers.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
*Jazz New SIM Offer Rs 99 1500MB (besides, 1500 SMS, 1500 Jazz, Warid minutes) 7 Days Dial *989# Automatically Expires after 7 days. Dial *989*2# to check Status
Jazz Weekly Streamer Rs 95 1GB 7 Days Dial *117*7# Dial *117*7*4#
Weekly Premium Rs 140 3GB 7 Days Dial *117*47# Dial *117*47*4#
Weekly Mega Rs 200 7GB 24 hours (Valid for 7 Days) Dial *159# Dial *159*4#
Weekly Mega Plus Rs 240 20GB (10GB from 2AM - 2PM) 7 Days Dial *453# Automatically expires after 7 days. Dial *453*2# to check Status
Mega Super Duper Weekly Rs 250 5000MB (Besides 2500 On-net, 50 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS) 24 Hours ( Valid for 7 Days) Dial *505# Automatically expires after 7 Days. Dial *505*2# to check Status
Weekly Bundle-Once Off Rs 15 + tax 25MB for WhatsApp + 1500 SMS 24 Hours (Valid for 7 Days) Dial *101*1*07# To Unsubscribe Dial *101*4*07#. To check Status Dial *101*2*07#
Weekly Social Rs 50 8GB for WhatsApp, Facebook and IMO (4GB from 2AM - 2PM) 7 Days Dial *660# Automatically expires. Dial *660*2#
Haftawar All Rounder Offer Rs 113 250MB,, 1000 on-net, 50 off-net minute, 1000 SMS 7 Days Dial *747# Automatically expires
Karachi Haftawar Data Offer Rs 50 3GB data, free WhatsApp 7 Days Dial *545# Automatically expires

*Jazz New SIM Offer can be availed only for once. The net bundle and SMS cannot be used from 9 PM to 9 AM whereas, call minutes cannot be availed from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Jazz Monthly Internet Bundles

In the Monthly internet bundles, Jazz brings some heavy data volumes for its users. These offers are perfect for users who need a heavy data volume for downloading/uploading audio and video files.

Or you can just invest in bundles that include not just an unlimited data plan but also TV packages and even a phone on top of it all to make the best investment. This comparison article by DailyWireless should help you out in picking the right choice that works for you.

If you are more concerned about the huge volume of data, you will love going through the list of Jazz monthly internet packages.

These offers are not the cheapest but affordable as you become relax to use the internet for the whole month. You do not need to spend money again and again to get a little bucket of MBs.

Just subscribe to one of the monthly internet offers and get a lot of MBs to experience the faster internet speed.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Jazz Monthly Browser Package Rs 215 4GB (2GB from 2 AM - 2 PM) 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *117*77# Dial *117*77*4#
Monthly WhatsApp & SMS Rs 79 5GB, 12000 SMS 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *101*1*02# Dial *101*4*02#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package Rs 885 20GB, (10GB from 2 AM - 2 PM) 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *117*32# Dial *117*32*4#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package Rs 120 5000MBs (2AM-2PM) (Valid for 30 days) Dial *117*34# Dial *117*34*4#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Rs 600 12GB 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *117*30# Automatically expires after 30 Days, Dial *117*30*2# for Status
Jazz Super Duper Rs 533 3GB, 3000 SMS, 3000 On-net minutes & 100 Off-net minutes 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *601# Automatically expires after 30 Days,
Jazz Super Duper Plus Rs 1000 8GB, 4000 on-net minutes, 200 off-net minutes, 4000 SMS 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *707# Dial *707*4#
Jazz Monthly Mega Rs 375 8GB, (4GB from 2 AM - 2 PM) 24 Hours (Valid for 30 days) Dial *117*31# Automatically expires after 30 days

Jazz 4G Internet Bundles Data SIM

The above-discussed packages are 2G, 3G and 4G mobile internet offers. You can use these internet buckets on your own Jazz SIM card. However, Jazz brings some very particular SIMs only for using the internet.

These dedicated data SIMs solely presented for faster Internet Packages to give you an amazing internet experience without interruption. Here are the Data SIM 4G internet packages.

To get these packages, you need to buy a 4G Internet Bundle Data SIM. You can buy the SIM from any retailer or your nearby Jazz franchise.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Monthly Internet Basic Package 999 Rs 15GB 30 days Dial *117*71# Dial *117*71*4#
Monthly Internet Regular 1500 Rs 36GB 30 Days Dial *117*73# Dial *117*73*4#
Monthly Internet Heavy 2500 Rs 75GB 30 Days Dial *117*74# Dial *117*74*4#

Jazz 2G, 3G and 4G Internet Packages (For Postpaid Users)

Jazz brings the internet bundles not only for the prepaid but also for postpaid users. The postpaid users are already enjoying the low-priced data connection. So, Jazz does not bring a variety of internet buckets for them.

But a bunch of internet offers is also a blessing in disguise for the postpaid users. All of them are available at a very affordable price. Here they are.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Monthly Streamer Package 250 Rs + Tax 2,000MB 30 Days Dial *446# N/A
Monthly Premium Package 500 Rs + Tax 5,000MB 30 Days Dial *446# N/A
Monthly Supreme Package 800 Rs + Tax 14,000MB 30 Days Dial *446# N/A
Monthly Super Package 1200 Rs + Tax 24,000MB 30 Days Dial *446# N/A
Monthly Ultimate Package 2200 Rs + Tax 50,000MB 30 Days Dial *446# N/A

Terms & Conditions

The price includes the tax.

The packages are for all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

The actual internet speed depends on the distance from the network station.

You will not be charged for dialling the Status codes.

If you have sufficient account balance, the bundles will be automatically re-subscribed at midnight.

If you have consumed the bucket within the given limit, 0.30 Rs/MB will be charged.

Other Jazz Packages:

Jazz Internet Packages
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  1. I m using monthly data pakg. Which is 2100mb. But when it’s left near to 20mb. It’s stop to working. Plz explain why it’s happrnd

  2. I already have whatsapp pkj laiken main nay weekly pkj bhi kya hai toh kya whatsapp use karny par ery weekly pkj waly mbs toh nahk katty gay plz reply me as soon as possible

  3. I m using jazz month sms, call n 2 gb internet package of 509 rupess Wala, but it’s bakwas, they stop the call package 7 days before.
    Bad services jazz has.

  4. Telenor charges PKR 160 for weekly all in one package. So that we get 3.5 GB internet + 150 Telenor minutes + free balance of 50 RS. But you guys are offering just 4 GB internet. I think that should be increased to 5 GB or you can add free minutes and free balance in this.
    Waiting to hear from you soon.
    Regards :

  5. Jazz Month net package has an activation code in the Internet package and is a De activation code. There is no code to check the remaining MB. Some people deactivate the package numismatic. today I did this too about soon

  6. Me montly pkg use Kara hn
    Mgr 1 week hogaya hai kafi issue aare hn
    WhatsApp PE text msg just hote hn
    Media file Sher download send nai hoti
    Kindly is Chez pe jazz focus kare is issue ko resolved kare

  7. Hello guys, I am for few months in Pakistan, so which phone company and its plans will be best for me. Please advise me. Thanks all of you

  8. Asalam o alaikum,

    I’m postpaid user, koi batye ga k postpaid k 4g packages prepaid کی nisbat costly q hin?
    Or es m whatsapp ka monthly package ha to, Pls tell m.


  9. It is necessary to high light here that Jazz company is offering different internet packages but even after activation of package, jazz company deduct usages charges from balance amount and after finish of total amount from our account start deducting from package which is very alarming and wrong practice. Purpose of activating package is to deduct and utilise package amount first and dis activation of package accordingly whereas on ground reality is different. such kind of practice is not expected from such a reputed company but it is going on since long,
    Highlighted this issue at different forum is that every body should be aware about this dirty practice and take action accordingly so that this complaint should be high lighted at a appropriate level as soon as possible…………..

  10. sindh k packages s Karachi city alag q likha h? kiya ap log illiterate persons ho? ap logon ko pta nahi h k Karachi to Sindh ka Capital h.

  11. Jazz k alag alag codes ni hone chahiyen…!
    Internet offers k liye ek hi code ho…. jisme saari internet offers hon aur aoni Marzi se select kar leee jayen..
    *443# me saari offers ni hain…
    Aur Sari Offers k Remaining Mb.s aur minuts check karne k liye sirf ek hi code hona chahiye Jese Telenor ka *999# hai..

  12. Konsa pkg best hai reply I recharge 1000 jaz supper card 5 days Mai pkg khatam hogya Leken likha
    Tha pura month unlimited or msg b nai kia k pkg k bagair use horaha hai 😭

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