Jazz, the leading telecom company offers not only the internet packages on mobile phones but also the WiFi devices. The device is available in 2850 Rs across the land. It is battery operated 3G device that runs for more than 6 hours once fully charged. It is a kind of travelling device. If you are a frequent traveller, it is perfect to carry with you to stay in touch with your clients and official contacts. Let’s see how many types of internet packages come with the Jazz WiFi device.

Mobilink Jazz Wifi and Mifi 3G/4G devices internet Packages

Device Packages Details

Package Name Price Volume Duration Activation Code De-activation Code Status Check Code
Monthly Internet Basic Package 999 Rs inclusive of tax 15GB 30 Days Dial *117*71# Dial *117*71*4# Dial *117*71*2#
Monthly Internet Regular 1500 Rs inclusive of tax 36GB 30 Days Dial *117*73# Dial *117*73*4# Dial *117*73*2#
Monthly Internet Heavy 2500 Rs inclusive of tax 75GB 30 Days Dial *117*74# Dial *117*74*4# Dial *117*74*2#

WiFi Device Features

  • The WiFi device offered by Jazz is rechargeable. So, there is no worry about the availability of the power if you want to use it.
  • It does not need to install any software. The device comes with “Plug and Play” feature. Just connect it to your system and it will start working.
  • It allows you to connect maximum 10 users without affecting its speed.
  • The WiFi device is perfect for the users who are frequent travellers.
  • The 4G speed is up to 150 Mbps.
  • It supports MicroSD card up to 32GB.
  • You can change the settings by using your Mobile phone.

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Terms & Conditions

The Jazz internet devices bundles are recursive i.e. the package will be automatically re-subscribed if you have sufficient balance in your account after the expiry date of the previous package.

  • The downloading and browsing speed can be affected if more than 10 users are connected to the device.
  • The internet speed can be affected if the weather is cloudy.
  • The price of the package is inclusive of the taxes applied by the company and the Government.
  • The “Pay as you go” option is not applicable on MBB packages when the package expires.
  • The “MBB” internet package will be automatically resubscribed when it expires.
  • You can use these internet packages not only the internet devices but also on the Data SIMS offered by Jazz.
  • You can consume the above-discussed internet packages in 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network forms.
  • There are no charges to check the remaining MBs and the package duration.
  • The faster internet speed depends on the device, the number of users, distance from the 3G location and the time of the day. For example, the speed can greatly be affected from 6 PM to 11 PM.
  • If you have consumed the entire internet package before the expiry date, you will be charged 0.30 Rs/MB (including tax) afterwards.
  • You are not allowed to use the above-discussed data packages for PAYG browsing. For this purpose, you need to buy a particular internet package.

So guys! after reading the terms and conditions carefully, you can use your internet device properly. I have mentioned all of the necessary things regarding the Jazz Internet Devices here. If I have missed something, just update me by using your comments below.




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