Jazz Advance Balance Code: How to get loan in Mobilink Jazz?

Jazz has become the leading company in providing the telecom services to Pakistani users on the widest scale. It offers a wide range of services to the users including the call packages, SMS packages, Internet Device Packages and the mobile internet bundles, etc. In the presence of so many affordable packages, you cannot be in the shortage of balance for an urgent call or message. But nobody can make a prophecy about any bolt from the blue. Like other telecom companies, Jazz also looks after of your emergency needs.

How to get loan in Mobilink Jazz

Occasionally, you are in a dire need of balance for an emergency call or urgent message. Unfortunately, you cannot find any nearby source to get a recharge for your account. Like all other telecom companies, Mobilink Jazz makes you feel relax in such emergency situations. It offers the Jazz Advance Balance service to its users to meet the critical time. However, the offer is not unconditional. Here, I am going to explain the method to get the Jazz advance balance by using the SSD code.

Subscribe to Jazz Advance Balance / Jazz Loan Service

To go the phone “Dialer.”

Dial *112# and press “Call” to submit this USSD to the network.

Within a few seconds, you will get the confirmation message that you have successfully subscribed to Jazz advance.

Once you have completed the subscription process, you will receive 15 Rs advance balance in your account within the next 4 hours if your account balance drops lower than 15 Rs.

Unsubscribe for Jazz Advance Balance / Jazz Loan Service

If you do not want to use the offer anymore, you can unsubscribe it. Here are the important steps you need to follow to unsubscribe the Jazz Advance Balance service.

Go to the phone Dialer.

Type “*112*4#” and press “call” to submit the USSD code to the company.

Wait for a while until you receive the message that you have successfully unsubscribed the Jazz Advance Balance service.

Activation Code Deactivation Code Charges Advance Balance
Dial *112# Dial *112*4# Rs. 3.50 (Incl.Tax) Rs. 15

Terms & Conditions

  • The advance balance service is available for all Jazz prepaid customers irrespective of the packages they are currently using.
  • If you are a jazz postpaid customer, you cannot avail this offer.
  • This advanced service is not free. When you subscribe to the Jazz Advance Balance service, on the next recharge, 15 Rs + 3.50 tax will be deducted.
  • The Jazz users are authorized to get only one Jazz advance balance at a time.
  • If the account balance is above 15 Rs, you will not get Jazz Advance. When your balance drops below 15 Rs, you will automatically get the Jazz loan in your account.

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