Telenor 3G/4G Device Packages: Wingles, Dongles & MiFi

Telenor telecom is covering more than 39 million users in Pakistan. It claims to cover the largest number of users in three continents of the world.

The company is renowned for its affordable call packages and SMS bundles. It offers the cheapest internet data packages to its customers too. Telenor offers simple internet packages in SIMS and also presents 3G/4G devices for its valued users.

These devices come with the latest technology to provide the high-speed network connection without interruption.

Find below all the 3G, 4G device by Telenor. Select your desired one.

All Telenor 3G and 4G internet Devices with Pricing and Data Details

Telenor 3G Device Packages

Telenor presents different 3G devices with various internet bundles. It does not require any long process to follow. You just go through a biometric process. Registration needs your thumb impression for activation. The device comes with one year warranty. If you want to check the data usage and remaining volume of data, you can check online in your account on Telenor website. The device comes with an easy “plug & play” feature. You do not need to install a particular software to run the device. Here is the detailed description of these devices.

Devices Names Price Data Volume Details Validity Connections Activation Check Remaining Balance
Telenor 3G Dongle 1500 Rs 30GB, 2 months free trial on purchasing it (60GB for two months) Does not require installing software. Comes with Plug & Play feature One Month Up to 5 connections without affecting the speed of internet Dial *999#
Telenor 3G Wingle 1000 Rs 30GB Does not require installing any software. Plug & play feature One Month Up to 10 devices connections without affecting the speed of internet Dial *345*4006# Dial *999#
Telenor 3G Mobile WiFi (MiFi) 3500 Rs 20GB / Month (2 Months free trial with 20GB internet every month (40GB for 2 Months) Plug & Play feature One Month Connect up to 10 devices at the same speed Dial *345*4005# Dial *999#

Terms & Conditions

The free trial does not start immediately after purchasing the device. It starts after 48 hours of purchasing and subscribing to the package.

If you want to change the package next time, there is no conversion fee. Just select the package and dial the code to switch to it.

You can use one package at a time. If you are using a package and you subscribe to another package, the previous package will automatically de-activated.

Telenor 3G WiFi Data Packages

Telenor telecom brings different data packages for its 3G WiFi users. The above-discussed devices give you 2 months free trial. After consuming the free volume of MBs, you can select any package from below-given packages as per your needs. It suits the users with a heavy need for data packages.

Data Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
4GB 500 RS 24 Hours Dial *345*2000#
10GB 750 Rs 30 Days Dial *345*2002#
12GB 1000 Rs 30 Days Dial *345*2003#
25GB 1500 Rs 30 Days Dial *345*1001#
30GB 1600 Rs 30 Days Dial *345*2004#
55GB 2200 Rs 30 Days Dial *345*1002#

Telenor 4G Device Packages

Telenor does not miss the users who love faster-browsing speed. Even they are ready to pay more to run 4G internet.  It brings some packages for 4G users. There are two kinds of Telenor 4G devices available for Telenor users: 4G Wingle and 4G MiFi.

Let’s start with Telenor 4G Wingle.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Activation Code
4G Monthly Lite 1500 Rs 25GB 30 Days Dial *345*1001#
4G Monthly Smart 2200 Rs 55GB 30 Days Dial *345*1002#
4G Monthly Value 3800 Rs 100GB 30 Days Dial *345*1003#
4G Monthly Unlimited 6000 Rs 180GB 30 Days Dial *345*1004#
4G 3-Month Package 4000 Rs 75GB (25GB/month) 90 Days Dial *345*1005#

Telenor 4G Mobile WiFi (MiFi)

The above-discussed packages are not only 4G Wingle but also available for 4G MiFi (Mobile internet device). Following are the device features.

Device Name Price Connection Allowed Details Speed Fall back options
4G MiFi 3000 Rs 16 connections allowed without affecting internet speed 1500mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, Standby time 300 hours, Working time 6 hours Up to 150 Mbps 2G, 3G, 4G

Terms & Conditions

The conversion from one package to another is absolutely free.

The bundle price includes the tax.

The package expires automatically after the set date.

The browsing or downloading speed can be affected by bad weather or the large number of users connected to the network.

The 4G or 3G devices work properly in the regions where 3G and 4G facility is provided by Telenor. It is not for every region of the country. So, dial the helpline to get better guidance about it.

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