PTCL Broadband Internet Packages [Prepaid Users]

PTCL is a renowned name in the Telecom field of Pakistan. It is the first company in the telecom world that started providing broadband internet packages to the users. It covers about 1.7 million users including the household users, students and corporate people.

PTCL stood alone for many years in the broadband world in a distinguished position. But with the passage of time, it came to the lower level due to a lot of interruption and slower downloading and uploading speed. Moreover, with the entrance of different broadband companies to the telecom field, the popularity was also affected.

However, recently, Etisalat has acquired PTCL and thus, there is much improvement in its services now. PTCL brought SmartChoice, EVO CharJi and CharJi LTE Tab type of facilities for its users. Gradually, PTCL is regaining its lost position and providing its users with the desired facilities.

A greater advantage of using PTCL broadband connection is that it is available everywhere. Unlike other broadband companies, it is not limited to some cities or regions of Pakistan. You can use it in all regions or in all cities of Pakistan.[source]

Here, I am going to explain the broadband packages and their prices to let the users know how PTCL is still better than many other broadband companies. Currently, being a part of Etisalat Telecom, PTCL has brought revolutionary broadband packages for the users. Here are the price details of all Broadband Internet packages offered by the PTCL.

Package Price Speed Duration
4Mbps Package Rs 1700 4Mbps 1 Month
8Mbps Package Rs 2150 8Mbps 1 Month
15Mbps Package Rs 2650 15Mbps 1 Month
25Mbps Package Rs 3200 25Mbps 1 Month
50Mbps Package Rs 5000 50Mbps 1 Month
100Mbps Package Rs 7500 100Mbps 1 Month

Terms & Conditions

You can avail any of the above packages for unlimited data usage.

Connection charges are Rs 5000 on a new telephone line.

Connection charges are Rs 2499 on an existing telephone line.

The Installation charges are an only one-time payment.

Total price is inclusive of tax. There are no hidden charges.

Since the above-discussed Broadband Packages are prepaid, you need to pay the monthly charges in advance to use these packages.

How to Subscribe Data Bundle

If you want to subscribe to any data bundle, just call at PTCL toll-free number 0800 8 0800 and ask the service representative to activate the package.

For further information call at the helpline 1218.

If you want to convert the package at the beginning of the month, you are allowed. The package conversion in the mid of the month is not allowed.

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