PTCL 3G/4G Internet Devices and Packages

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PTCL Devices for Internet 3G/4G

3G and 4G internet is getting popularity day by day. Like other internet service providers, PTCL also started providing its customers with the 2G, 3G and 4G internet connections. PTCL took another revolutionary step in the broadband world and started offering internet devices with faster downloading and uploading speed. If you are a home user, you will definitely prefer the router or modem based internet connection. However, being a traveler, you will surely in need of a traveling internet device to be in touch with your business and office while you are traveling. PTCL internet devices allow you to remain in touch with your office while traveling. You can check emails, send project details and even talk to the office staff while you are on the road away from your office.


PTCL 3G and 4G are available in more than 200 cities in Pakistan. The variety of internet devices is available at an affordable price with unlimited data volume. Earlier, PTCL’s standard came to a lower level due to the poor quality of the internet and a lot of interruption. Now, after being a part of Etisalat, PTCL has improved its quality of services and thus, it is regaining the lost reputation rapidly. I am going here to give a detailed account of the internet devices by PTCL. Here, I am going to explain all of the PTCL 3G/4G internet devices with their prices and the data volume. Check them out if any suits your needs.

PTCL Internet Devices

Under this category, PTCL offers two types of EVO traveling devices. The device works on Plug and Play basis. It does not require installing software. It is a chargeable device and once fully charged, it can last up to 5 hours. The device comes with a 2000 mAh battery that is sufficient to make it work smoothly for many hours in single charging. The device allows 10 connections at the same time without affecting its speed.

3G EVO Wingle 9.3 USB

The price of the device is Rs 2000. It provides you with the 9.3Mbps speed covering 3G internet. Following are the details of the packages you can avail with 3G Evo Wingle 9.3 USB.

Package Name Price Volume Speed Duration
10GB Starter Package Rs 750 10GB 9.3 mbps One Month
20GB Package Rs 1000 20GB 9.3 mbps One Month
30GB Package Rs 1250 30GB 9.3 mbps One Month
50GB Package Rs 1500 50GB 9.3 mbps One Month

3G EVO Nitro Cloud

EVO Nitro Cloud-Share Device

The device price is Rs 3,500.

It comes with 9.3Mbps speed in more than 200 cities.

EVO Nitro Cloud-Share contains MicroSD slot to support up to 32GB.

The feature “MicroSD Data Sharing by using Wi-Fi” enables you to share documents, audio and video files with your friends.

It comes with “Remote Access” to MicroSD content while sitting at far off place.

The device contains 2200 mAh battery to give you more than 5 hours of usage time.

Following are the packages you can avail with this device.

Package Name Price Volume Speed Duration
10GB Starter Package Rs 750 10GB 9.3 mbps One Month
20GB Package Rs 1000 20GB 9.3 mbps One Month
30GB Package Rs 1250 30GB 9.3 mbps One Month
50GB Package Rs 1500 50GB 9.3 mbps One Month

CharJi EVO Cloud

CharJi EVO Cloud is the latest internet device PTCL has launched after becoming a part of Etisalat.

It is the fastest internet device that works without interruption. The device comes with plug & play feature. You do not need to install particular software to use the device. You do not require keeping connecting the CharJi EVO device continuously to a power supply source. It is a chargeable device and has a 2800 mAh built-in battery. Once fully charged, you can run it for 8 hours. With enough backup, you can easily manage the online meetings, preparation of official documentation and your study notes without using power. CharJi Cloud comes with the following data packages.

Package Name Price Volume Duration Speed
20GB Package Rs 1000 20GB One Month 9.3 Mbps
30GB Package Rs 1250 30GB One Month 9.3 Mbps
50GB Package Rs 1500 50GB One Month 9.3 Mbps
75GB Package Rs 2000 75GB One Month 9.3 Mbps
100GB Package Rs 2500 100GB One Month 9.3 Mbps

Currently, Charji Evo Cloud service is available only in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, AJK, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, DIKhan, Bannu, Kohat, Hangu, Tank, Karak, Thall, Quetta city, Hub, Gwadar, Kuchlak, Kohlu, Mustang, Khuzdar, Sibi and Loralai.


It is an amazing internet service introduced by PTCL. Following is the description of the device.

It is available in only Rs 4000/-

The device comes with Plug-n-Play feature. You do not need to install any software to use the device. The WiFi range is up to 10 Meters i.e. 30 feet.

MicroSD slot provides you data storage up to 32GB.

Up to 5 members of your family can connect their devices to the internet by using PTCL EVO C@Fi without affecting the speed.

Now, you can experience 3G Superior speed up to 9.3Mbps while browsing the internet.

It is available in 250 cities in Pakistan.

MicroSD Data Sharing feature allows you to share your video and audio files, documents and other important data with your colleagues and friends.

Find below the internet packages you can avail with PTCL EVO C@Fi.

Package Name Price Data Volume Duration
EVO C@Fi Package 1 Rs 4000 30GB 6 Months
EVO C@Fi Package 2 Rs 5000 15GB 3 Months

Terms & Conditions

If you have exceeded your volume limit, you will be charged 0.15 Rs/MB (Prepaid user) and 150 Rs/GB (Postpaid user)

The package validity is for one month, but it usually depends on the user how rapidly he consumes the data.

The users currently on DayPass 1GB or Lite 10GB data packages will be automatically on the same data volume on every recharge unless they select a new bundle.

The users on DayPass 1GB or Lite 10GB packages will be charged 150 Rs/GB if they exceed the data limit after consuming their bundle volume.

The packages given above are exclusive of taxes.

The subscriber cannot use two data packages at the same time.

How to Subscribe?

Dial 1218 to subscribe to any package and provide the MDN of your device.

Once your subscription is confirmed, you can recharge the required amount to your account as a line-rent.

If you do not use the data volume within 30 days, on the next subscription, the previous data volume will be lost.

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