Government wants to lessen problems of the common man, PM Imran Khan

LAHORE: The problems faced by the country will be solved by the government by adopting the right policies at the right time. A delegation of Council of Newspaper Editors and Pakistan Broadcasters Association called on the Prime Minister today in Islamabad. The topics discussed in this conference emphasized on the betterment of the education, health and social sector.

According to the PM, the answer to the difficulties being faced by Pakistan economically is to build and maintain friendly relations with China and other countries. The media has to demonstrate responsibility, according to the PM. Freedom of expression and criticism if its constructive is appreciated by the new government. 5% duty on newsprint has been withdrawn. The Prime Minister said that the new government of Pakistan believes that the public deserves to know the truth of what’s happening in their country.

He said that the government supports the media wholeheartedly and wants to solve any problem the media may be facing. He then proceeded to talk about how important education is to improve the living standards of Pakistanis. He emphasized on the need for more colleges and schools. According to the PM, Pakistan may not have to approach the International Monetary Fund(IMF) for loans.

This would be possible after taking some harsh decisions because of the many changes being made. Another topic of discussion that was brought up by the delegation was of the many problems being faced by the journalist community. The role and importance of media in today’s times was discussed and the PM said that media’s support had a huge role to play in his election as the Prime Minister.

The PM then went on to criticize the previous governments, saying that the amount of money borrowed in the form of loans was an overwhelming one. This huge debt has ruined not only the institutions but the economy as a whole. If these loans had been used correctly, the economy would have benefited immensely.

In PM Imran Khan’s view, the opposition is going to react adversely whenever action against money laundering and corruption will take place. 128 bank accounts that belonged to vendors, students, rickshaw drivers and deceased people were being illegally used by the previous governments.

The PM also presented another view in front of the delegation that he wants to reduce the cost of doing business and extend maximum facilitation and provision of all possible support to the business community to improve the country’s ranking in the business industry.

Photo: Flickr, via worldeconomicforum

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