Warning issued by CJP against Depletion of Water Resources in Pakistan

Islamabad: A symposium on water crisis was held that lasted for two days. The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar explained how Pakistan had very few water resources left. If this continued, water would become scarce in Pakistan which would make the country an unsuitable place for living.

The judiciary, as explained by the Chief Justice in Supreme Court is trying to make as many efforts as they can to save water resources so that such an event never occurs. Companies have been told to save water and not to use it unnecessarily. A major cause of water depletion and the extinction of other resources is deforestation.

Due to this very reason, the Supreme Court is issuing orders against deforestation. Aside from deforestation, the rapid melting of glaciers is also posing a problem and may contribute to the impending water problem. Pakistani citizens have to take all these factors into account and act responsibly by saving as much water as they can.

This would mean taking minute steps like turning off the tap when they arenot using it while brushing and making steps such as turning off the shower while showering a part of their daily routine. Meanwhile, the Diamer-Bhasha dam is close to becoming a reality because funds are being collected.

Pakistani citizens are being encouraged to contribute as much as they can afford to. The main problem being faced regarding this water crisis is that people are very ignorant of the fact that water scarcity on a large scale can lead to a drought situation in the country. People in Pakistan are unaware of the steps that can be taken to avoid or handle a drought/famine if one was to unfortunately occur.

Justice Nisar and Arif Alvi both think that immediate and necessary measures to create a water secure Pakistan have to be put into action immediately. The management of water resources can only be done through the creation of dams and reservoirs. The building of reservoirs and dams will not be enough however, their maintenance will also be necessary.

People have to be educated about how to manage water resources. This can be done by referring to research papers on water management written by people from other countries who are experts on water management. The advertisements being aired on television and printed in newspapers, is so that people become aware of the looming water problem, because our future generation would be devoid of water if precautionary steps are not taken immediately.

Source: Din News

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