Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad Decides to Increase Water Prices for domestic and commercial users.

ISLAMABAD: With the increasing water crisis, it has urged the government and the people to take care of our water sources.

It is often seen that people ignore this while it is a matter of great concern. If we keep ignoring it, then we will be out of water resources in some years. In this regard, the government has to take steps so that people should get aware of this concern.

Today in Pak-China Friendship center Islamabad, a session was held where the Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz told the sources that they will be increasing the prices of water for both domestic and commercial users.

It is a great initiative taken by the mayor to increase the income of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), which is going in loss. In addition to this, it will also make people use water less for which they have to pay high prices.

It was stated that the price of water for commercial users would be increased up to 200pc whereas the domestic users will pay 100pc more than the previous price.

At the present MCI is going through a great loss. They spend Rs414 million on water supply and never get back that much price.

The corporation only gets Rs78 million from their consumers which is not sufficient at all for the survival of MCI.

It will not only increase the burden on the government, but it will also affect the economy of Pakistan. This is for the first time in past 17 years that the prices for water are increased.

Due to these expenses, MCI is unable to meet the condition and is forced to limit their services. For this, they had to restrict their services, which is not good for the organization.

Serious issues regarding all these matters were discussed in this meeting. To run the organization smoothly, it is decided by MCI to collect entrance fees at different entrances to the capital. This will help them to come out of all the losses and work properly.

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