Indian COAS wants Pakistan to play its role as a Secular State, Army Chief Bipin Rawat

Rameen Maqsood

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NEW DELHI: During a press conference, being held in New Delhi Indian COAS Bipin Rawat said that Pakistan is an Islamic state and if they want to make the relations better with India then they have to play a role of a Secular State.

The COAS simply rejected the offer of friendly ties between the both countries. He stated that he wants to see Pakistan as a secular state.

In response to the PM Imran Khan’s offer, Rawat said that it could only be possible to improve the relations if Pakistan does as it states and only then, India can trust on them.

There are many conflicts between both countries since the separation. India never missed a chance to hurt Pakistan. In the past, many efforts were made by Pakistan to make friendly relations with India. But India disappointed every time with its negative and hatred quotes and speeches.

India always claims that Pakistan takes part in the terrorist activities in India. Which is only folks and have no reality at all? Pakistan has been fighting with terrorism for a long time.

Many terrorist funded by Indian agencies have been caught in Pakistan, but still, India defends it and put all the load and faults on Pakistan.

COAS Rawat said that they could only go for friendly relations with Pakistan if they take action against the terrorism and all activities related to it.

To improve the relations, Kartarpur border was opened by Pakistan. Indian did not digest this act, and they started to attack on innocent Kashmiris and South Asian Pakistan.

Indian Chief also threatened to harm Kashmiris and to strike drones at Pakistan beyond the Line of Control (LoC).

PM Pakistan stated on this that both the countries should forget the past and move forward with friendly relations.

Source: Ary News, image credit: NDTV

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