7.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits Alaska, damaging roads and houses

Alaska: On Friday, a powerful earthquake shook the whole Alaska. A tsunami warning has been issued to the residents of Alaska. They are advised to move to safe places.

The earthquake was recorded at 7.0 on the magnitude scale. The depth of the earthquake was recorded to be ad 26.7 miles.

It caused the breakage of many roads and streets due to which the transport was badly affected. After the earthquake communication system went down. Even a television station went off the air by this strong earthquake.

When we see the news from past, we can come up with many news related to earthquakes and tsunamis.

People were warned before the time about such a case and all the residents were shifted to safe and secure place. But in this case, officials did not received any negative report from their system.

The weather services of Alaska told the reporters that there was no such warning or danger of an earthquake before. It just happened in a very short time.

The officials of the weather service further told that after receiving the warning by the system they warned the residents about the earthquake on Twitter.

Though the earthquake damaged many roads and buildings and destroyed the communication and traffic system, but it caused no casualties.

No reports of serious damage and injuries were reported and soon after the earthquake rescue, operations were started.

The officials then warned the people about the tsunami. The management guided the people to shift to safe places, as there is a warning of a tsunami.

After the earthquake, rescue teams reached the affected places and started their rehabilitation system. A lot of people were struck on road due to the excessive blockage on roads, which resulted due to the breakage of road caused by the earthquake.

Source: CNN

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