Pakistan, A hub for Manufacturing Automobile and Spare Parts

If we come to notice, we can see that Pakistan is weak in automobile industry. On this Friday, an event was held where JW and Forland started a project of worth $150 million in Pakistan where they will be manufacturing cargo trucks and other special purpose vehicles.

The main aim of this project is to make Pakistan a regional hub for manufacturing automobile and their spare parts. The technology for this project will be imported from China to Pakistan. It can be a great source of income to Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan told that this project will start to progress after the technology comes to Pakistan. To train the technicians, special training schools will be formed where the technicians will be trained for the upcoming automobile industry.

The schools will prepare good quality technicians with proper skills who will work in the industry. Khan also told that we will be able to produce cars that can be exported to other countries.

It can be seen that Pakistan has produced cars in the past, but they were not able to run properly. Like Adam group of Company produced a car Revo but that was not a successful project.

Now the United group is producing rickshaws and is willing to produce cars in future. However, it is the first time when special vehicles will be produces in Pakistan that will be used in Pakistan for commercial use.

Some days ago, it was seen that dollar gained its value to the highest price in its history. Khan remarked on this and said that the government did not had enough dollars due to which its value increased. He also told that the government is working hard to increase the economy by starting such projects that can be beneficial for the country’s economy.

Source: Samaa

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