Stop Money laundering, a good initiative taken by the government!

In a conference held on Saturday PM Imran Khan said that the government is making strict laws to stop Money laundering. Money laundering has caused much loss to the country’s economy in the past. SO no such case will be tolerated anymore.

The government is taking strict actions against it. The law will be equal for the people of all classes, and no toleration will be done.

He further stated that according to the record by the US State Department it is estimated that about Rs10 billion are laundered from Pakistan every year. It causes many losses to the Pakistan’s economy.

Is this money is used in Pakistan it can be very much beneficial for the country. PM stated that Pakistan has very good geo-strategic positions. It has a lot of potential and access to the major markets of the world.

If this laundered, money can be utilized in such good means that it can cause a huge benefit to the country and the economy of our country can be raised in a very short time.

Imran Khan further told that the government is working hard to improve our economy by increasing exports. He ensured that we could overcome our deficits if we follow these steps and stop money laundering.

We can see that ExxonMobil Company have made their comeback to Pakistan. They worked here some years ago but left due to some problems.

They have now come back after 27 years. Khan told the reporters that ExxonMobil made their come back to Pakistan because they think that we have a massive gas reserve here. It can be beneficial for us if they invest here.

He also told that the car manufacturing company, Suzuki is also investing about $450 million in Pakistan, which can be beneficial for us to improve our country’s economy.

Source: Dawn

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

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