Biometric Verification about to start in Pakistani banks

Rameen Maqsood

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As the technology has taken over the whole world, everything is getting more advanced. Everything is getting biometric in every system. From a sim card to a bank account, every verification system is adapting biometric system to verify the IDs of the users.

All banks in Pakistan have also shift on the biometric system. They will be using the biometric system for the verification for all of its users. The banks in Pakistan have been ordered by the State Bank of Pakistan to start biometric system for the verification, and as pet, the directions banks have started this system from now.

In the past, old methods were used which didn’t involve the biometric verification of the users. But from now on the system has changed and all the new accounts will be shifted on e-registration system. The banks will transfer all their information about the user on this e-system. This will make the work manageable and easy.

The data and information of each and every user will be save on internet. It will make easy for the officials to check the data of any person whenever they want or need it.

As the old system did not involve the biometric verification system, so the State Bank of Pakistan (SBoP) have ordered all banks to shift their account on e-system. For this, they have ordered all the banks to do the biometric verification of all the previous accounts that were opened before 2016.

As per the directions, different banks have sent text messages to its users to get their bio-metric verification done by visiting their respective branches. In this regard, SBoP have issued a deadline (until this year) to the banks so that they can get the verification done by their each customer.

The main aim of taking this step is to eradicate corruption by keeping a check and balance on each account registered in the E-system.

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