DG ISPR wants the foreign journalists to highlight improving Peace in Pakistan

Rawalpindi: Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asim Ghafoor met with a group of Pakistani Foreign media journalists and said them that they should highlight the improving peace in Pakistan.

It will help Pakistan to improve its economy when the foreign investors will take interest in investing in Pakistan.

DG ISPR said that media plays an important role in depicting the current situation of a country. Media can play an important role in showing the positive side of Pakistan.

As the International Community, watch Pakistan through eyes the media reports then these reports can depict the true positivity of Pakistan in front of them.

During the briefing to the reporters, DG ISPR said that the security situation of Pakistan has improved a lot when we compare them with the past.

It all happened by the successful operations done by the Pakistan Army. He further said that we have successfully restored peace in Pakistan.

Pakistan is expecting peace across the borders by building good relations with the neighboring countries.

According to Military’s media wing, it has been informed that a meeting took place between PEMRA chief and DG ISPR.

In the meeting, both the leaders discussed about different measures to facilitate media in depicting a positive image of Pakistan in front of the world.

They also discussed about the measures and support, which can be given to the local media to counter the anti-Pakistan narrative, which is being done by the foreign media or the hostile forces.

Source: Ary News, image credit.

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