Government of Pakistan planning to impose “Sin Tax” on Cigarettes

Health Minister Amir Kiyani said today that Government of Pakistan is planning to collect billions of rupees by imposing more taxes on cigarettes and tobaccos.

He said that it is being decided to impose “Sin Tax” on cigarettes packs and tobacco in these coming days.

He also stated that by this, we can prevent youngsters from buying cigarettes and it will let us make billions of rupees from cigarettes, which can be very helpful in increasing the economy of our country.

In the recent budget, Government had already increased the prices of Pakistan. Many shops were sealed who were selling imported, or non-custom paid cigarettes.

Now the Government has decided to increase the price again. It will be very helpful for both the government and the health ministry.

It will not only let the government to get more money from cigarettes, but it will also help them in decreasing the smoking habit from the residents of Pakistan.

Previously a rule was made to ban the sale of cigarettes for people under 18 years of age. However, this rule did not gain much success.

Only the price hike can be useful in preventing people from smoking.

In this regard, Government is planning to impose a tax of Rs5 to Rs15 on each packet of cigarette.

As there are many smokers, so it will help us collect a lot of money by imposing this tax. Smoking is harmful for health.

The health ministry is launching different seminars in colleges and universities to warn our youngsters about this.

Therefore, by this, we can easily manage to prevent many of the people from smoking and spending money on this useless thing.

Source: Samaa News

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