DG ISPR shares his Comments on different Security issues in Pakistan

Rawalpindi: DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor held a conference in which he discussed about different security issues related to Pakistan and especially at its borders.

In this conference, he discussed about different issues including the cease-fire at LoC, Anti-polio campaign, opening of Kartarpur border, situation of Balochistan, terrorism incidents, PTM, and many others.

While talking about the situation of Line of Control, he said that the ratio of ceasefire has been increasing day by day.

It has now increased to a very high level. Many innocents and Pakistan army officers and soldiers have been attacked till date. This situation is alarming for all of us.

On discussing about different terrorist activities, he told the reporters that due to closing the border with Afghanistan we have seen a lot of decrease in terrorist activities and incidents. The security situations are very much strong within the country.

He further said that Pakistan Security forces have launched different operations in the past and are still doing many operations.

This have proven to be very much helpful in maintaining peace within the country. He added that soon we would be free from all of such security issues.

While discussing about Karachi, he said that it is in front of all that how the security situations in Karachi have changed.

There is a lot of decrease in terrorism, target killing and other such crimes in Karachi City.

Pakistan security forces did a lot of operation in Karachi at different places which lead to the eradication of crime, and now the crime rate within Karachi have decreased.

DG ISPR also talked on PTM. He said that we have fulfilled many demands of PTM. We have reduced the number of check posts where the situation is now changed, and peace is restored.

He further said that we are investigating about PTM and soon will tell about it that how PTM is working and who are leading it.

Image via Public TV

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