Nawaz Sharif Informally Discusses Current Affairs with Reporters

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister and president of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Nawaz Sharif, talked with journalists after a long time.

He talked about the current economic results and the policies regarding this. Nawaz Sharif told the reporters that in their term dollar’s price wasn’t raised without their permission.

Nawaz Sharif came to Islamabad for the hearing of his case at the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

According to Nawaz Sharif’s speech he said that the world praised the economy of Pakistan during their last tenure.

He said that they never used any of the artificial ways to stabilize or maintain the price of dollar.

Nawaz further questioned about the artificial ways to maintain the price of dollar. He said that we made strong economic plans and worked on them to get our economy strong.

Nawaz also pointed towards Shahbaz Sharif’s imprisonment in his talk with the journalists.

While talking with the journalists he asked about the reason for Shahbaz Sharif’s imprisonment. Nawaz Sharif then taunted National Accountability Beaurue (NAB) for their accountability system.

He then advised NAB to continue their system like this. He said that if we are facing all this then everyone should also face this.

Nawaz Sharif always have something negative to say about the system. He has always spoken against the system whenever the situation get harder and against him.

While talking to the journalists and reporters, Nawaz told them that everyone questions that why we went out of the country after 1999.

He said that we didn’t went on our own or by our will, Pervez Musharraf forced us to leave the country.

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