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Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway blocked by Bahria Town Staff

Karachi: Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway got blocked by Bahria Town employees and Contractors. It came to notice that due to non-payment of issues they blocked the Superhighway and stages protests.

The traffic got affected badly and people faced a lot of issues. The protesters also blocked the link road to the National Highway. There are long rows of traffic on both sides of the highway.

The main protesters include the residents, builders, employers and contractors of Bahria Town. Protesters told the reporters about the 5000 employees who remained unpaid of their salaries by the Bahria Town.

The management of Bahria town have also did such scams in the past. These scams and protests affected many people. The protesters have appealed to the Chief Justice and Prime minister to look into this matter. They appealed to them to resolve this issue.

Bahria Town is facing a huge financial crisis due to the inflow of cash taken by the Supreme Court. Due to the financial crisis contractors and the employees are not getting their salaries. There is a fear that about 40000 employees of Bahria Town will face delays in their salaries because of this matter.

Bahria Town employees and contractors also took out a rally in Defence, Karachi. Many families of overseas Pakistanis and other investors took part in this rally.

They raised slogans against the Bahria Town’s management. Protested appealed to the government to make their issues resolved.

Some investors who have paid the installments of past five years are in doubt about their investments. Bahria Town’s management have put the investors investing’s at risk. They pleaded and requested the government to save their investments.

Image Courtesy: GEO News

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