Chief Justice of Pakistan Takes Notice on Health Conditions in Hospitals

Rawalpindi: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar addressed an event at National Institute of Heart Diseases in Rawalpindi. So he took notice on the present medical and health conditions in different hospitals across the country.

In his address he said that poor medical and health facilities in the country is a failure of state. While addressing he added that patients do not have access to better health facilities.

The condition and facilities provided by the hospitals are in such a state that there are three patients on one bed.

Chief Justice looked very much worried about the current medical conditions. He said that all the medical facilities are only available for the wealthy people.

But poor citizens of Pakistan have to face these disastrous conditions. It is really bad for our state and our citizens. He further added that he himself have worked very hard to improve the health conditions in the hospital of our country.

During his address, Chief Justice told the reporters that it’s the responsibility of government to look at the conditions of hospitals. It is their responsibility to provide funds for better health conditions.

The Supreme judge stressed on improving the medical and health conditions in the hospitals. So he expressed his feelings about his visit to different hospitals of the country.

He told that he saw the critical condition of hospitals in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Chief Justice advised to only add such officers as health secretaries who are aware of these issues. So for this merit based appointments should be done.

He further said that Supreme court is ready to help in improving the health conditions. He said that instructions have been issued to hospitals. By following those instructions they can improve the health conditions.

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