Germany’s Top Companies willing to Invest in Pakistani Markets

Islamabad: In a conference German ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler talked with Special Assistant to Prime Minister. He said different companies from Germany are willing to invest in Pakistani markets.

He told the reporters that top notch German companies are willing to invest in Pakistan in Auto Manufacturing and Information Technology sectors.

This can be really helpful in improving the economy of Pakistan. As Pakistan lacks in both these industries.

Martin Kobler said that German companies like Siemens and Volkswagen have shown their desires to invest in Pakistan. During the conference with Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari.

German Ambassador Martin Kobler told about this wish of Germany to invest in Pakistan. Martin Kobler said that by importing Pakistani Manpower in Germany there are a lot of work opportunities for the residents of Pakistan. This opportunity can help them in getting profitable jobs.

Martin Kobler told to the Assistant during the meeting that there is a lot of need for mechatronics experts in German Industries. Due to this, Germany calls these experts from all over the world. As Pakistan has a lot of Mechatronics engineers and experts.

This will help them to utilize their talent in the right direction. He said that in this regard German legislatures will pass a law for immigrant workers in the next year. So on this Zulfiqar said that Germany will be provided with the maximum technical workforce from Pakistan.

While discussing the emigration process, Martin told for the proper systematic export of Pakistani manpower, a proper law and system will be built by Germany. So on these basis Zulfiqar welcomed this initiative by the Ambassador. He also assured him for the maximum support by Pakistan.


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