Pakistani Actress enters in the list of “Asian TOP 10 Most Attractive Women”

A top notch British-Asian newspaper just released a list of top 50 most attractive women from all over Asia.

It holds many surprising names of Pakistani women. In the list Pakistani women have also been included other than some of the Indian women/actresses. On the basis of their looks, appearance and styles they are selected in this list.

Deepika Padukone from India holds the first number in the list. On the second comes Priyanka Chopra, a well renowned actress from India.

Alia Bhatt holds the sixth whereas the Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif holds seventh and ninth position in the list.

Mahira Khan from Pakistan have hold got fourth position in the list of the most attractive women from Asia. Because of her looks and beauty she enjoys this position in top 10. She posted a photo on Instagram and thanked her fans for giving her this much support. She has also got such honors in the past.

Then comes the second most attractive women from Pakistan, Sanam Saeed. Sanam holds the nineteenth position in the list. For her looks and appearance she holds the nineteenth position in the list. But she also scores this position for her versatility.

According to the newspaper, Sanam Saeed have pushed the creative boundaries in Pakistan. She has done a lot of work for women’s empowerment and rehabilitation.

Then comes the philanthropist, Armeena Rana Khan who holds the twenty fourth number in the list. For her beauty and excessive philanthropy she holds this position.

Mehwish Hayat holds the Fortieth position in the list of most attractive women. Similarly then comes the Iqra Aziz who holds the forty sixth position in the list.

Sidra Anwar

Lives in Karachi Pakistan, working as a social activist and a news reporter at ThePost. In free time, loves to cook, drive and reading books. Also, member in many popular journalists groups, I know what people don't know about our country. Email:

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