3 Pakistanis Killed in South Africa During Robbery

South Africa: 3 Pakistani were killed in South Africa. The killers were identified native black tried to rob three of them.

They showed resistance and consequently, the niggers killed them. However, they managed to escape from the place once the murders took place. The CCTV Footage of this crime also exists.

According to the reports, three Pakistanis named Iftikhar Ahmed, Kashif Ali and Sarfraz were residing in South Africa to earn their livelihood.

Iftikhar Ahmed and Kashif Ali belong to Jalalpur, Gujrat while Sarfraz belongs to Gujranwala.

Pakistanis showed their grief on the tragic death of the deceased Pakistanis. They demanded from Pakistan High Commission, South Africa to have a dialogue with the South African Govt. on this matter.

They also demanded to talk with the South African higher officials regarding the investigation, arrest and punishment of the killers.

Pakistanis also expressed insecurity about their lives and properties as the native niggers are getting aggressive about the foreigners day by day. However, the situation shows that it was not about racism.

It was merely a robbery and the deceased people lost their lives because they resisted against the robbery. But Pakistanis are getting worried about their security. They demanded Pakistan High Commission take necessary steps for the security of their lives and properties. Moreover, they should make arrangements to bring the dead bodies of the deceased people to Pakistan.

So far, there is no update regarding the response of South Africa authorities whether they took necessary steps to investigate the matter or there is any progress in the identification of the robbers.

Source: Dawn News

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