NASA Spaceship on Mars Mission Contains the Name of a Pakistani

NASA Spaceship has landed on Mars successfully on May 5, 2018, 1:05 AM. The mission is known as “Insight Mission” and NASA launched it from California. Initially, Insight Mission was planned to launch in March 2016, but there was a problem in the spaceship. The scientists and technicians fixed the problem by 2017. However, NASA could not launch the Insight mission in 2017. The reason was that the scientists always try to spend less money and time on any space mission. So was the case with this mission.

According to the scientific facts, there is a specific time when two planets come closer and that is the right time to explore the closer planet. The mathematicians calculated that the Mars comes closer to the Earth after every 26 months. So, the scientists did not want to lose this golden time. The calculation was saying that after March 2016, May 2018 is the right time when NASA could launch the Insight mission. So, it was launched from California.

It will be great fun for you to know that NASA always claims “humanity” before launching any mission. For Insight mission, NASA asked the people from all around the world to register their names on their website. The registered names will be saved on a small chip and it will be a part of the Insight lander that is going to land on Mars. A Pakistani scholar, Muneeb Syed Ali from Forman Christian College University Lahore also registered his name there. His name is also registered in the Chip known as an electronic laser that is a part of the Insight lander. Insight Mission is going to discover many facts about the red planet for our amusement.

Source: Dawn News

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