Overseas Pakistanis Need to Pay Duties on Second Mobile Phone – Fawad Chaudhry

Shakila Nasreen

Revised Tax System for Imported Mobile Phones

Information Minister of Pakistan, Fawad Chaudhry stated that Pakistanis have to pay the tax if they bring a mobile phone to Pakistan. He further states that the Pakistani Government is now going to apply a revised tax system.

Information Minister speaks about the imported items yesterday. He remarks that earlier, Pakistanis were free to bring as many mobile phones to their homeland as they wanted. It was because the Govt. did not apply any kind of tax.

Now, overseas Pakistanis cannot bring the phones freely. Pakistani Government has revised the tax system and it will apply a tax on every extra Smartphone any person carries with him.

He further states on Twitter that Pakistanis import mobile phones having worth around $2 billion. It happens without paying taxes. Consequently, our economy is facing a horrible deficit.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Revenue State Minister Hammad Azhar stated on November 26 that the people coming to Pakistan need to pay 25% on every extra phone they bring with them. Only one cell phone will be considered duty-free.

Moreover, they can bring only five mobile phones with them in a year. It is again a revolutionary step of the Pakistani Government to stop the tax corruption. It will go in the favor of a prosperous Pakistan if followed honestly.

Although some people are considering it a discouraging statement, the majority of the people is supporting the decision. If the corruption in taxes is stopped, only then Pakistan can make progress by leaps and bounds.

Source: Samaa TV

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