Pakistan Protests with US for blacklisting it for Violation of Religious Freedom

Rameen Maqsood

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Pakistan's Protest Against US

Pakistan’s foreign office in the US held a protest against the US officials for blacklisting Pakistan for the violation of religious freedom.

According to the reports, Mike Pompeo, the US State Secretary made some important announcements on Tuesday. He said that the US Govt. has designated Pakistan in the list of the countries with special concern.

He further explains that the decision has been taken after the annual report mandated by Congress. In simple words, the US govt. has blacklisted Pakistan for the violation of religious freedom. So, the US government is trying to exert its political pressure to eradicate the violation of religious freedom.

Today, Pakistan protested against this abrupt and unexpected move of the US State Department. Furthermore, our Foreign Office in the US has rejected this move of the US. The diplomatic sources revealed that our Foreign Office summoned the US officials and handed over the protest statement to them.

Our officials mentioned in the protest letter that the minorities in Pakistan are enjoying an absolute religious freedom. So, there is no need for a dictation about the rights of the minorities from the United States.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the US Govt. is not paying attention towards the atrocities the Indian Govt. is committing in Kashmir. The occupied Kashmir is a true example of the violation of minorities’ rights. However, the US government is not seriously paying attention to it, our foreign office concludes.

Our FO officials assured the Pakistani Govt of conveying the true essence of our nation’s feelings regarding this sudden bolt from the blue.

Source: Geo TV

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