“Dark Horse” Realme Smartphone Enters in Pakistani Market

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

RealMe Enters Pakistan

Realme, the distinguished Smartphone brand is entering the Pakistani market very soon. However, the launch date is still secret. There are some rumors on the social media that we will get it in our hands within a few weeks.

The main target of the top-notch manufacturer is the younger generation of the country. It mainly aims to satisfy the people who look for faster and stylish phone within a budget.

Realme is still rising and making the younger generation more excited about the best-featured phone at affordable price. The distinguished brand has successfully launched the Smartphone in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Moreover, it has won the hearts of the people in Thailand.

Due to the affordable prices and quality features, Realme phones are breaking records. It made immense success in Thailand and India in the presence of the top Smartphone from other manufacturers.

Within four months after the launch, 1,000,000 phones were sold in India. So, it came to the 4th number in the top Smartphone brands there. In the same way, it sold 40,000 units in Indonesia within 21 minutes and became the most popular brand there. That’s why it got the title “Dark Horse.”

Even more, this Smartphone brand has achieved appreciation from international media.

If we see the specifications, software, design, camera performance and the price, we will keep it on the top of the list of the Smartphone brands.

Realme’s tagline is “Proud to be Young” that shows it is mainly for the youngsters. It makes the youngsters focused on using the world-class phone with the best features within an affordable price.

via: GSMArena

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