Supreme Court Orders Artificial Milk Manufacturers to Label the Packing “It’s Not Natural Milk”

Earlier, more than 50 companies were selling formula milk as “Milk” or as “Cream Milk” in Pakistan. Many companies have been selling the formula milk and tetra pack milk since the 1980s.

The people moved towards tetra pack milk after the warm support of media to such companies. Now, there is a sudden decline in their popularity after the decision of the Supreme Court against them.

In March 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan banned the word “Milk” for the formula milk and tetra pack milk packs manufacturers.

Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered to dispose of the petition. He commented that the companies are misleading the Pakistani public by using the word “Milk” on their tetra packed formula milk. While the truth is that they are preparing the liquid by using the vegetable oil as the main ingredient.

So, these companies cannot mention the word “Milk” on their products. It is misleading for the people. They surely consider these products as pure milk and they use them as milk whereas, these products are never a substitute for natural milk. Many people have tweeted it under  tag in past 2 days.


When the Chief Justice banned the formula milk manufacturers, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan filed a petition on behalf of the formula milk manufacturers. He forwarded a request to the Chief Justice to allow the companies to mention “It is not a substitute for Mother’s milk.”

But the Chief Justice rejected his arguments and petition too. He is of the opinion that these companies are not selling natural milk. It is even not pure milk. So, the court cannot allow them to use this phrase on their products.

The products they are selling do not contain natural milk. They are preparing it by using the vegetable oil. So, the court cannot allow them to play with the life of others.

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