Illegal buildings, Plazas in Red Zone: Survey Started

Shakila Nasreen

Illegal Plazas in Red Zone

Rawalpindi: Illegal buildings and plazas are in the red zone now. The government is deadly against the illegal build ups anywhere in the country. Recently, the Anti-Corruption Establishment of the city started a survey of such buildings to demolish them.

When a building map is approved, the basement floor is always reserved for the parking of vehicles. But there are a large number of buildings in the city where the parking lots are not available. Instead of the parking, the owners have built shops there.

So, the Anti-corruption Establishment, Rawalpindi detects the corruption in many buildings. These illegal parts of the buildings will be demolished instantly. Once the survey is over, the department will be able to report the illegal buildings and plazas to the Punjab Government.

Moreover, some people have illegally occupied the plazas in the garrison city. The Punjab Government has instructed the agency to prepare a report regarding the illegal occupants and to submit the report in this context.

The owners need to take initial steps to legalize their buildings now. If they want to avoid demolishing of their plazas, they should restructure the building and remove the illegal extension in their plazas.

The agency is in action now. It has assigned the personnel a task to detect such buildings that are not according to the map. They will take a legal action against them.

According to the reports, this step is very helpful to prevent the owners from the illegal build ups. Moreover, the civic bodies like RDA or RMC will have authority to charge fees for the approval of a building map. Moreover, they will have authority to fine such owners who have illegal build ups.

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