Pakistani Film “Gumm” Ready to Thrill the Viewers on 11th January 2019

Rameen Maqsood

Gumm Releasing in January

Gumm, the upcoming Pakistani thrilling movie is ready to come to the cinemas on 11th January 2019. It is all set to launch with razzle-dazzle. The viewers have a lot of expectations from this movie. It is full of thrill, suspense and mystery. So, it is almost different from traditional Pakistani movies.

Although, the movie starts with a love story and seems like a soft movie with a light comedy and romance between Sami Khan and Shameen Khan. Gradually, the story goes on and the story becomes twisted when a bank robbery occurs.

Sami Khan meets an accident and finds himself into a forest with a bag full of money. He realizes that his long-term memory is absolutely washed and can’t remember anything. He cannot recognize even to himself. This is where the story turns from love to thrill. For the anxious viewers, the mystery enters in the story.

There is an unending fight between Shamoon Abbasi and Sami Khan. It is not for love but for money robbed from the bank. Both of the actors have strong roles in the movie and they will leave a great impact on the viewers. The mystery goes on side by side with the thrill and suspense.

According to the official teaser of Gumm, the movie is like a fresh air for the audience to breathe in. There is no typical drama in the movie. The action, dialogues, screenplay, live expressions and the story will move the hearts of the audience.

All the time you will be busy in completing the picture by searching the missing pieces. Get ready to watch “Gumm” in cinemas on 11th January 2019.

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