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Investigations and Crackdown Against Illegal Housing Schemes in Lahore

LAHORE: Every housing society that has no NOC from the Lahore Development Authority is considered illegal. The Lahore Development Authority has started crackdown against such housing schemes in Lahore. Mainly two housing schemes are on the hit list of the LDA.

These are Gulfishan Park Housing Society and Ajwa Housing Society Lahore. Remember that the Gulfishan Colony near Kot Abdul Malik is different from Gulfishan Park Housing Society near Gulshan-e-Ravi.

According to the reports, every housing society needs to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the LDA before starting the development work on the site. But Ajwa Housing Society and Gulfishan Park Housing Society did not get NOC. So, the agency has started the crackdown against them today.

Furthermore, the LDA has authority demolished the illegally built basic structure of the said societies, the roads, and the sewerage system too. According to the LDA officials, the Punjab Anti-Corruption Department is also in action against such societies.

It will investigate the owners of the societies regarding the illegal setups. It will also take action against the owners for making the people fool and for looting their money.

Another report states that the Lahore Development Authority is active against illegal societies and builds ups in Lahore. Besides Gulfishan and Ajwa, the LDA has composed a list of ten more illegal housing schemes.

The list will come to the spotlight on 17th December. The large-scale inquiries are going to chase the owners of these housing schemes. Even the Anti-Corruption Department is actively chasing them into the charge of fraud.

It has demanded the list of such societies from the LDA. Most probably, the LDA will provide the list to Anti-Corruption Department today.

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