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Illegal Housing Schemes’ Offices to be Shutdown in Sindh

HYDERABAD: Sindh Building Control Authority is in action against the illegal housing schemes in the Sindh province. According to the reports, Sindh Building Control Authority issues a NOC (No Objection Certificate) to the housing societies.

If the society does not get the NOC from SBCA, it cannot sell the plots. Even that it has no authority to promote the society by using the media sources.

The SBCA has compiled a list of such housing societies in Sindh that are selling their plots or promoting their societies through media. These are 29 housing societies in number.

The SBCA has planned to close the main offices of such societies. Furthermore, it is considered an illegal housing society if it does not owe the NOC from the Sindh Building Control Authority.

According to the sources, the Deputy Direct of the SBCA Hyderabad has forwarded a request to the Police department Hyderabad. He demanded the required police force from the police department to help shut down the campaign and service offices of such societies.

Earlier, the SBCA has taken an active action against illegal buildings in Karachi. The demolishing force of the department took part in the operation on Khalid Bin Waleed Road and many other areas. They sealed a large number of shops and offices that were built illegally.

The SBCA formed this demolishing force on the instructions of the SBCA Director General, Iftikhar Ali Qaimkhani. The Director-General received the orders from the Supreme Court-mandated Water Commission to take the action against illegal buildings and the illegal buildups in the plazas.


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