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DHA Gujranwala form Submission Deadline Set to 19 Dec. 2018

Gujranwala: DHA Gujranwala property market has become the most reputed and safest living or investment asset with a lot of benefits, luxuries and promising capital growth. People are so concerned to own a place with high development while emerging at the prime location. People are very eager to buy a property here at this global financial living and investment hub.

Register yourself before it’s too late

It is a time for those to be alert who want to be a part of this incredible place but does not register themselves for this purpose. It is already too late! You need to hurry up as the date of expiry is coming very close to you with every minute. The last date of expiry is 19 December 2019.

Before this date, it was decided that the registrations procedure will be closed on 11 December. But keeping in view the eagerness and great interest of clients or applicants, the date was extended till 19 December. It was a source of much relaxation for buyers who had not availed the opportunity. Now the new date is also coming to an end and there is no time to delay more.

Guide for the Applicants 

If you are a new investor in the market then, of course, a proper guide is needed. Still, some time is left in which you can avail the opportunity to own a place at this top-class project which offers you enormous benefits and best outcomes in future.

There is no need to be troubled about the access to registration forms in a very short period of time left for registration. You can have the forms easily available at the different banks including UBL, Askari. Soneri, Bank Al-Habib and Bank of Punjab. Moreover, you can also have them online either from the official website of DHA Gujranwala or from the developers’ website.

You have to follow certain easy terms and conditions for the booking. The bank receipts along with the other required documents will be submitted through the courier while you can also submit these documents in the main office or in sub-offices of DHA Gujranwala. The booking fee is not refundable in any case where the booking payments are different according to the plots sizes.

DHA Gujranwala Offerings

Maybe you want to know about the different properties and their sizes which this project is offering to you. It is the developed and out-standing project which is offering you the following options with very reasonable and affordable payments. Here you will find residential plots of 10 Marla, 1 Canal and 2 Canals while the commercial plots are also available including 4 Marla and 8 Marla. The registration fee liable for the 10 Marla residential plot is 70,000 PKR. Moreover, the 1 Canal Plot can be registered with the payment of 10,000 PKR and 2 Canal with 15,000 PKR. For the commercial plots, the charges are 15,000 PKR.

Follow the above-mentioned procedures and be a part of this incredible place which offers you enormous possibilities and golden investment and living opportunities. Do not miss out and avail the chance as it has gone too late already!

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