Pakistan Releases Indian Prisoner Hamid Nihal Ansari after 6 Years of Prison

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

Lahore: Hamid Nihal Ansari a 33-year Indian person who was accused with an allegation that he is an Indian Spy who entered Pakistan unlawfully. It was a very serious issue and a very serious notice was taken by the Pakistan intelligence and forces.

For this charge, he was arrested in 2012 by the Pakistani forces and kept the investigation was going on from the time. Now it has come to the knowledge that he has been released by the court after the completion of his sentence.

Even after this completion, he was kept in jail by the authorities and kept in prison for 6 years. After the notice of this issue by judges, the court allowed him to go to his country as his prison time has already been completed.

He has actually entered Pakistan from Afghanistan in order to save a girl from a forced marriage from which he was connected through social media.

As the court has issued a notice regarding the imprisonment so it is very good news for the family of Hamid as well as for whole India. He is expected to enter India soon. The legal procedures and further required investigations are going on and after the completion of all the procedure, he will be handed over to India safely.

The time of Hamid’s prison was very heavy for his parents and for the whole family. Now they are very relaxed and waiting for their son anxiously as we can see it in their different interviews and talks.

His family and country are waiting for the day when he will enter his country after so many years of prison and it will be very pleasing for Hamid as well as for his family. Soon he is going to cross the Wahga Border to enter India as per the latest information.

via: NDTV

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