HSY and Harris Tweed Collaborates to come up with a Couture Collection

Glasgow: The eastern and western cultures are totally different in every way. Both have their own attractions and specifications. The dressing trends and fashions also change from each other. Do you think what impact would be released if these two totally different cultures combine at one stage?

This is something done actually by our most reputed and top fashion designer Haris Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) and Haris Tweet Hebrides. What a splendid thing they both have done at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.

This is done very outstandingly and attracts the attention of many people. From this unique and out-class effort of combining both cultures at one place provide us with the best collection where there are so many choices and options are available for us.

HSY is the very prominent name in the fashion industry who always introduce something new and out-standing. He was invited by the UK Association of Medical Aid in order to make a tremendous cloth collection by using iconic Scottish fabric in the annual fundraising dinner.

HSY work with Haris Tweed very excellently and keenly in order to launch a variety of modern fashion designs of clothes for women, while mixing the both eastern and western.

This incredible amalgamation of both trends makes a remarkable mark in the fashion industry. It was a great experience for both designers. With this excellent collaboration, very classy and new designs come to us which grabs our heart to have them.

The HSY shines brightly after this successful and memorable showcase while he himself feel much pleasure and delight after it.

This can be seen through the blissful tweets and comments of HSY after this memorable and incredible occasion.

He is very thankful for this invitation and chance while said it the best thing done in the history of the fashion industry. Both the designers are willing to continue these type of events in future to achieve more.

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