Government Lifts 12 years Old Ban on Basant Event in Pakistan

The change has arrived! On Tuesday, 18 December, the 12 years old ban on Basant festival has been removed. Such a pleasing and good news to hear. In a press conference, Punjab minister of information and culture has announced this. This allowance has also approved by the supreme court of Pakistan. Basant is labelled as the sign of spring arrival.

Remember the colors and charms Basant brought to us in past? It was considered one of the most awaited festivals. Because of the sad incidents during Basant, it was banned on the national level. Some people also think that it was prohibited because of the pressure of religious extremists. This restriction was applied very strictly everywhere and continued till 12 years.

After such a long time, the government once again allowed it to rejoice. Our culture and traditions will undergo restoration. Moreover, it has nothing to do with religion as it is linked to our values and traditions. It is news of happiness, as well as some questions also, arise in the minds of people about safety issues. This aspect is also discussed by the Minister. He put great emphasis to follow all the rules which will be announced soon.

This is not something unconditional like before. We have to take a lot of care and precautions in order to celebrate Basant fully. This festival has a very attractive standing in our culture. The Punjab Government has also acclaimed to make a committee which will guide the people.

This enchanting festival will be celebrated in the second week of February. After a very long-period ban, you are allowed to fly kites in the air but within certain sets of rules. This event is anxiously awaited by the nation after the ban lifted. This February you will not miss this event as you will celebrate it after so much time!

Sidra Anwar

Lives in Karachi Pakistan, working as a social activist and a news reporter at ThePost. In free time, loves to cook, drive and reading books. Also, member in many popular journalists groups, I know what people don't know about our country. Email: sidra@www.thepost.com.pk

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