Sooper to arrange a Musical Event featuring Junoon Band on 25th December

Get ready to rock this December! A very fantastic event is coming ahead with full of entertainment. Pakistan’s number 1 cookies brand has planned something very fantastic for you. The thrilling and exclusive musical concert by the well-known and globally acclaimed Sufi band Junoon. Yes, you read correctly, Junoon is coming back to offer the best musical night for the fans.

In the enchanting evening of 25 December 2018, the classics of Junoon will spread magic through their voices. It will be the only of its kind event in 2018 where the reunion of rock band Junoon will make a new history. No doubt, it is an incredible step to recollect the lost spirit in the musical events. You will be able to enjoy this event in Airmen Golf Club. Special guest artists and many other musicians are also expected to join the concert.

Almost 500 musicians will be here to pay tribute to the Junoon while the live performance of Junoon is also planned. The event makes everyone so excited that it seems difficult to wait for 25 December. This festival will be a memorable experience for both the performers and the attendants. Your hearts and minds will open. The tickets are available already. Even many are sold already and this shows the great excitements of people.

You can buy tickets online also. You have to be very quick as the tickets are less than the buyers of tickets. Special pink tickets are available for women while keeping in view the pink enclosure area.

The women will able to enjoy the concert separately without being conscious of the men present. The arrangements have already started for the event. Your wait is coming to an end very soon. The artists with their charming getup, lively instruments and magical voices will great a devastating atmosphere. This heartwarming event is not so far to enthralling the audience.

Rameen Maqsood

A former Dunya news employee, where I was used to work as a news writer. Writing and news reporting is my life, expect that I love to share things from my personal life's experiences. Email: rameen@www.thepost.com.pk

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