Pakistan Ranks 2nd Worst Country for Gender Equality; WEF Report Confirms

Shakila Nasreen

Discrimination Between Men and Women

The World Economic Forum’s report claims that Pakistan is the 2nd worst country where the women are not enjoying the equal rights as the men. Yemen stays at the end of the list.

According to the reports, WEF has used the Global Gender Gap Index 2018 where they have surveyed all the countries of the world. The survey includes 149 countries of the world. The main purpose of the survey was to detect the disparities between the men and the women in all the countries of the world. The survey is based on four key areas such as health, education, political empowerment and economic opportunity.

The report describes the discrimination between the two sexes clearly. It states that there was a clear advancement in health, education and political empowerment in previous years. In 2018, there occurred a sudden decline in the participation of women in the said areas.

The report also claims that women are not participating actively in Artificial Intelligence. In all 149 countries, only 22% of women constitute the workforce. However, 22 % are not holding the distinguished positions.

The WEF states that Western countries have overcome the gender gap in 61 years. But the African and the Middle Eastern countries need about one and half century to cover this gap.

In the list of strong economies of the world with equality of both sexes, France wins the game by holding 12th position. Germany is holding 14th whereas; Britain and Canada come at 15th and 16th number respectively. Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen are gradually going to the worst positions by widening the gender inequality.

Overall, the Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland remain on the top of the list. Here, men and women enjoy equal rights in all four disciplines.

Source: Geo News

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