Sargodha University’s Official Arrested in Illegal Campuses Case, Dies in NAB Custody

In October 2018, NAB arrested Mian Javed Ahmed, a former official of University of Sargodha. NAB alleged him for opening new campuses illegally. The National Accountability Bureau also alleged him to mint a bulky amount of money from the students.

According to the reports, yesterday, Mian Javed Ahmed felt cardiac pains. The jail authorities moved him to the Service Hospital Lahore. There, the doctors sadly pronounced him dead on arrival.

Some other suspects in the same case include retired Brigadier Rao Jamil, former Registrar of Sargodha University and Mandi Bahauddin campus’ CEO Waris. His partner Mr Naeem and former Director of Administration of the University, Akram were also suspected for being partners in alleged campuses.

The NAB states that all of these people were involved in corruption. They opened illegal campuses of Sargodha University in Lahore and Mandi Bahauddin. The illegal campuses were charging millions of rupees from the students. But the university never conducted examinations. Even it never issued degrees to the students who got the education from here. The students many times protested against the university, but it never noticed. However, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar noticed the issue and ordered NAB Lahore to follow the case.

Senate Standing Committee for Human Rights took notice of the death of the said official in NAB’s custody. Chairman Mustafa Nawaz states that “it becomes a grave issue if a person dies under custody.” The chairman ordered to provide him with the details on his health issues and regarding his death immediately.

However, the NAB Lahore issued a clarification note and states in it that “the deceased got chest pain and immediately was moved to Services Hospital Lahore. He was on judicial remand. The jail authorities declared him in good health before taking him into custody.”

Source: Dawn News

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